It would seem that this is what passes for innovation these days.

New regulations that capped certain credit card fees, coupled with a dip in card usage, have resulted in consumers paying millions less in penalty fees over the past three years.

The bad news? Credit card issuers are busy dreaming up new types of fees to make up for the shortfall.


Consumers soon could find themselves charged for a lost or second card, for paper statements and even for not using their card enough or for making too many calls to customer service.

Some issuers have started charging from $1 to $5 for customer service calls beyond a certain limit per billing cycle, Mr. Hammer said.

Innovation as defined by Paulie Walnuts.


  1. And I don’t know why you are surprised at this. We both know how big corporate works. All for them. To hell with everyone else.

  2. I’m not surprised.  Merely appalled.

  3. In passing, read yesterday that Bank of America is now even more hated by its customers than during the height of the great recession. So their boss is worried and what did he come up with? Ordering the wage flunkies on the end of the help lines to be more courteous.

  4. We’ve gone from bank robbers to robber banks.