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Reason Umpty-Dumpty-Ump I Stopped Using Windows 0

Windows is annoying and clunky.

I have one dual-boot computer, over there, in the corner. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means that, when I power on or reboot the computer, a “boot menu” appears to allow me to choose either Windows* or Linux–in this case, Linux Mint 13, which is a long-term support release.

It had been running under Linux since before Christmas without a reboot,** during which time a number of Mint updates have been downloaded and installed.

I decided to boot into the Windows “side” of the box today to grab all the Windows updates.

Two hours and four–four!–reboots later, Windows decided it was updated.


*I have not just blown away the Windows install because, from time to time, I might be called on to use some software product that only speaks Windows. Windows is like a snow-shovel; you don’t want to have to use it, but it’s sometimes necessary.

**The longest one of my Linux computers ran with out a reboot was 156 days; it was my webserver back when I self-hosted this site. One of the members of my LUG discovered a server at his company’s data center that had not been rebooted for over 1,000 days; it just quietly served trouble-free services for so long that the staff forgot it was there.

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