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The tale of the Regent’s romance with a company that makes a series of dubious “dietary supplements” is getting more like a soap opera every day (emphasis added).

The documents, released to The Washington Post under a Freedom of Information Act request, provide new information about the circumstances that led the governor and his wife to open the mansion to Star, whose chief executive had paid $15,000 for the catering at the wedding of McDonnell’s daughter three months earlier.

The emails show that McDonnell attended the luncheon at the urging of his wife, Maureen, catching his own advisers off guard the day before the event. The governor found time to make an appearance while his office was consumed with a series of crises, including a rare earthquake and a powerful hurricane that hit the state in the week before the reception.

Efforts that the McDonnells undertook to boost Star are now the focus of an FBI inquiry. Both the governor and his wife attended the Star lunch, which was cited by investors in online postings as a reason to believe in the company despite its shaky finances.

Besides the catering, Star and its chief executive, Jonnie Williams Sr., have given McDonnell and his campaigns more than $120,000 in disclosed gifts and campaign contributions.

The implication that the Regent was henpecked into the whole thing is really just too too much, but how very Republican.


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