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Tou Ger Bennett Xiong, an American citizen of Hmong descent, wonders what is happening to his country. Here’s how he starts his article; follow the link for the rest.

Back in elementary school in the 1980s, when I first arrived here from the refugee camps, I remember being bullied and called “chink” and “gook” on a regular basis. Out of their fear of the unknown, other kids would tell me to go back to my country. Sometimes, I even got beat up for being different. I would never wish this experience upon anyone. Luckily, through a strong family foundation and support, these experiences have made me a stronger person and a prouder American, especially when I reflect on how far we have come from those days. Today, I have forgiven those racist bullies who wronged me and my family as we made our transition into American life. I continue to pray for them as I hope they have come to understand that their deep-seated hatred for me was more a reflection of what they saw in themselves.

Lately, though, I feel that my faith in America’s great promise is being called into question again by the recent hate and animosity in our political climate.

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I do think that some of Mr. Cousins’s personal criticism of President Obama is unduly harsh, if not in substance, certainly in tone; hindsight is always etc. and so on. I also suspect that this sheds some light on the deliberations that led to many of the choices that Cousins criticizes.

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Woman looking askance at North Carolinians preparing a stake on which to burn LGBT persons while saying,

Image via Job’s Anger.

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Via Mother Jones.

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For all practical purposes, status quo ante.

Initial jobless claims increased by 11,000 to 276,000 in the week ended March 26, the highest since the end of January, a report from the Labor Department showed on Thursday. The median forecast in a Bloomberg survey called filings to hold at 265,000.


Jobless claims have been below 300,000, a level economists associate with a healthy labor market, for 56 consecutive weeks. That’s the longest since 1973. . . .

The four-week moving average of claims, a less volatile measure than the weekly figures, increased to 263,250 from 259,750.

The number of people continuing to receive jobless benefits fell 7,000 in the week ended March 19 to 2.17 million, the lowest level since mid-October.

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Politeness can be a moving experience.

Witnesses at the home say they were in the process of helping the family move, when a bed was broken down and a gun was found between the mattresses. The gun was placed on the floor and later picked up by a 3-year-old. The toddler discharged the weapon into the floor, the bullet ricocheted off of a window sill and struck Sorensen in the left foot. Sorensen has been treated at EIRMC for his injury.

And, in more news of the polite . . . .


Dolly Parton:

It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.

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Twits with benefits.

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NC state government at urinal next to NC munipal governments, peering eyeballing munipal government's equipment.  Municipal government says,

Via The Bob and Chez Show Blog.


Learn stuff.

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Leonard Pitts, Jr.

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Shorter John Romano: Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

Bernie’s Bitter-Enders 6

Shorter Dick Polman: How’s President Nader working out for you now?

“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Is it polite to give a trigger warning?

The man told police he had just gotten into his vehicle when the incident happened. He stated he attempted to remove his weapon and holster from his pocket when his finger accidentally engaged the trigger, causing the gun to go off. His adult son, who was nearby, heard the shot and provided medical aid until medics arrived to the scene.

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Trump saying,

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Bertolt Brecht:

The camera is just as capable of lying as the typewriter.

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Liza Pulman delivers a marvelous rendition of this tune in a style reminiscent of Helen Kane in an episode of Midsomer Murders. The song comes in the dance party scene at approximately the one-hour mark.

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State senatorial frolics.