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I am doing some site maintenance to implement SSL. Please make a note that, if http: doesn’t work, try https:. Or just wait until I fix it. (Update 2017-06-12: The cert has been issued and I hope to install it tomorrow after voting. There’s a primary. Voting is not a right; it’s a duty. Update 2017-06-14: Still working on it, being very careful and not wanting to break my site, and still learning stuff.) (Update 2017-06-25: Clearly implementing SSL is not one of my priorities. I do not find security theatre a compelling cause.)

Update 2018-08-11: I still don’t have that round tuit. Tomorrow I shall unstick this post from the front page and stick it back when the tuit arrives.

I don’t really need an SSL cert, as this is not a commercial site and no credit card numbers or the like pass through here, but I got tired of Firefox’s nagging about it, plus I might learn something. I started this to learn stuff. The outrage came later . . . .

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