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The Art of the Con Meets the Easy Marks 0

Dick Polman discusses why Republican Congresspersons won’t stand up to Donald Trump, using Mark “Applachian Trail” Sandford’s primary loss in South Carolina as a starting point. A nugget:

This is why rank-and-file Republican lawmakers refuse to speak out. They’re afraid of their own constituents. It’s Trump’s party now, and the constituents in red districts virtually worship the guy. Forget about putting country over party, because it’s actually worse than that. Sanford’s colleagues won’t put country over career. They’ll vow that what just happened to Sanford will not happen to them.

He goes on to quote Erick son of Erick, who said, “Mark Sanford losing in South Carolina is pretty much proof positive that the GOP is not really a conservative party that cares about limited government. It is now fully a cult of personality.”


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