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It turns out that the Republican candidate for the Second District House seat had his staffers collect signatures for an independent candidate; it is speculated that he wanted to dilute the Democratic vote, as this “independent” calls herself a Democrat.

A certain percentage of questionable signatures on nominating petitions is normal. Sometimes persons sign the petition don’t want to, but also don’t want to say “no” to the persons asking them to sign, so they sign “Mickey Mouse” or some such thing. Sometimes signers think they are being funny. And a certain percentage of the populace are jerks.

But this is definitely getting interesting.

Four paid Taylor (Scott Taylor, Teaparty Val) staffers gathered signatures in a two-day blitz shortly before the deadline for turning in ballot petitions. It also was two months after Brown, of Hampton, dropped her bid for the Democratic nomination in the wake of her indictment on federal corruption charges.


Virginia Beach resident Tony Flores said he learned his name was on a Brown petition when someone with the local Democrats called his parents – whose names were listed on the same petition as his – to ask if they had really signed it. That petition was gathered by another of Taylor’s paid staff.

Flores said that he did not sign the petition, nor did his parents and three friends whose names were on the same petition as his.

The Virginia Beach Commonwealths Attorney is a big wheel in the local Republican Party, so, to his credit, he has moved to have special prosecutor from the other side of the state appointed to look into this matter.

Much more at the link.


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