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Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam
Spam Spam Glorious Spam

I stumbled over this in my AARP bulletin: Pointers on dealing with spam phone calls.


I swear the AARP knew when I turned 50 before I did. I joined, because, though I have some grumps with them, I generally support their positions.

Shortly after I joined, I was on a business trip to Princeton, N. J. The young whippersnapper at the front desk of the hotel reeled of the list of discounts they offered and an AARP discount was one of them. I said, “I qualify for the AARP discount.” (I was on expenses which would be billed back to the customer, but why waste money?)

He replied, “Yes, sir.”

I asked, “Don’t you want to see my card?” He declined.

I have never forgiven him.


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