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Tony Norman comments on the recent spate of videos of white persons calling the cops on not-white persons who are minding their own business. He starts with the recent incident in which, even as the phone call is placed, you can hear the white guy’s little boy pleading with him not to do it. A snippet:

Had Mr. Cukor listened to his little boy instead of the fear instinct that hijacked any semblance of media savvy he’s supposed to have as a requirement for his senior position at YouTube, he wouldn’t be the star of the latest installment of a uniquely American viral video series starring white people calling the cops on black people who “look out of place.”

Like “Permit Patty” and “BBQ Becky,” two fellow Bay Area would-be-snitchers that preceded him in media infamy by having their calls to the cops filmed by the indignant subjects of their call, Mr. Cukor operated in a sphere of privilege so elevated that he never considered the possibility that he would have to pay a steep price for being wrong, even after Wesly Michel promised him that he would be “the next” viral video sensation.

I commend the entire piece to your attention.


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