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War and Mongers of War 0

Donald Trump and John Bolton planting dynamite around the Earth.  Trump says,

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Multiple Guess Question 0

Title:  Intellectual Honesty Exam.  Image:  Pictures of Iran and the United States headed by a question:  Using standard definitions of words, identify which image depicts

Rogue State 0

I believe that, in pulling out of the Iran Agreement, Donald Trump has signaled other nations, friend and foe, that the word of the government of the United States of America can no longer be trusted . . .

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War and Mongers of War 0

Thom and a caller discuss the potential for Bolton into a war.

A Cloud on the Horizon 0

Image of John Bolton, his neck replaced by a mushroom cloud, saying,

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Button Heads 0

Persons in hazmat suits in bombed-out wasteland examining scrap of paper that reads,

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They Are Not Bases . . . 0

. . . they are “forward operating zones.

IOKIYR, Niger Dept. 0

Badtux explains the difference in the tunes played on the Wingnut Wurlitzer for Americans who in Benghazi vs. those who died in Niger.

He also has a nice summary of why American soldiers were in Niger in the first place.

So Much Winning . . . . 0

Warning: Language.

Doing the Same Thing Over Again . . . . 0

Couple watching Ken Burns's Viet Nam War documentary.  Woman says,

Via Jobs Anger.

Wargasm 0

Warning: Language.

Playing Risk 0

The Nuclear Football 0

Tony Norman wonders, “Button, button, who’s got the button?”

He doesn’t like the answer.

“We’ve Heard This Song Before” 0

Thom discusses evangelism and evangelical causes and the danger thereof when they become political.

He starts by somewhat awkwardly establishing a premise the Communism was an evangelical movement, that, one that wished to convince persons to follow it to the exclusion of others, and moves on to argue that evangelical movements can lead to crusades. It’s not as polished as his usual presentations, but I think it’s well worth a listen.

Jingo Unchained 0

Josh Marshall reflects on Donald Trump’s view of the rest of the world.

War Games 0

From my local rag:

The Navy is beginning to use an Xbox 360 controller – like the ones you find at the mall – to operate the periscopes aboard Virginia-class submarines.

Unlike other types of submarines people are familiar with from Hollywood, Virginia-class submarines don’t have a traditional rotating tube periscope that only one person can look through at a time.

It’s been replaced with two photonics masts that rotate 360 degrees. They feature high-resolution cameras whose images are displayed on large monitors that everyone in the control room can see. There’s no barrel to peer through anymore; everything is controlled with a helicopter-style stick. But that stick isn’t so popular.

In the “words fail me” department, the story goes on to point out that the XBox controllers will cost just 0.1% of the controller designed by the defense contractor.

“Threat Factory” 0

WMD All Over Again Once More? 0

Cavalcade of Cataclysms 0

Man watching TV news of Hurricane Harvey:  Global warming could make Earth uninhabitable.  Woman reading newspaper stories about he

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The Strain of Command 0

General says,

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