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Self-politeness is the politest kind.

Police said the man was in a truck parked in the 1000 block of East Center Street around 10:15 a.m. when he decided to disassemble a .45-caliber pistol. The gun had a round in the chamber and while the man was taking the firearm apart it discharged, wounding him in the leg, police said.

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Demonstrate politeness to your progeny.

Deputies learned the father was in a bedroom and removed a rifle from a gun safe, removed the magazine, tried to eject a round and the gun went off, grazing the boy’s left arm and entering the left side of his chest and side area.

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Guns and stupid.
Guns and stupid.
They go together
Like love and Cupid.

Robert Pickford thought the Ruger handgun was unloaded when he picked it up, pointed it in his best friend’s direction and squeezed the trigger, he told police.

He was wrong.

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Give your family a treat of politeness.

A 4-year-old Florida girl died after accidentally pulling the trigger of a gun when she reached into her grandmother’s purse for candy.

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Politeness is child’s play.

Police in Franklin County’s Madison Township were called to a home around 9 a.m. Sunday for a boy with a gunshot wound to the head. He was taken to a Columbus children’s hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police say the boy’s father told officers he keeps a loaded gun in the kitchen.

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Give politeness priority to promote proper parenting.

According to charging papers in court, the boy sustained the burns after his father shot him with “flaming pellets” from a fireworks gun.

The Morning New Tribune reported the boy’s mother took the child to a Tacoma hospital for the injuries July 6th. She told police that she’d heard a bang from a gun while she was in the shower and when she got out, the child had been injured and was screaming.

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Practice random acts of politeness.

According to the girl’s father, the family was playing soccer at the park when the teenager was shot in the leg. The father declined to do an on-camera interview with KATV, but described the injury saying that a crossbow arrow that appears to be for deer hunting pierced the front of her leg, went through her shin and poked out through the back of her leg. The girl’s brother was standing right next to her when she was shot, according to the father.

If the young lady had been packing, no doubt this would not have happened.

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Just another day in NRA Paradise.

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Don’t hog the politeness.

The coroner said he believes the shooter was using a thermal detection scope and mistook the victim for a hog, however this information has not yet been confirmed by investigators.

Coroner Charlie Boseman identified the victim as 40-year-old Kenneth Jason Young of Starr. Boseman said a couple was out hunting when they spotted something, which Boseman said was later determined to be the victim, on all fours crawling around through the thermal scope, and then shot.

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Does your politeness pass inspection?

Arriving at the scene, they found several adults including a 61-year-old man with a gunshot wound in the shoulder. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. His condition was not immediately available.

Officials say it appears a 35-year-old man was inspecting a rifle when it went off. Witnesses told investigating officers it was an accidental shooting and there was no reported altercation before the gunfire.

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Recreate politely.

According to Pasco Police, the woman, and the man who shot her, both have concealed pistol licenses. They were planning on shooting recreationally later that day. While they were both in the car, the man was reassembling the victim’s pistol when it went off, shooting him through the hand. The bullet then went through the woman’s right arm, and then her chest, causing severe internal injuries.

According to the story, the authorities have once again forgotten their vocabularly words and confused “accidentally” with “negligently.”

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Get a leg up on politeness.

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When someone comes to help you, treat him or her with politeness.

Jesus Esquivel, 63, confessed to fatally shooting the man over the amount of time it took for AAA to get him assistance, the Miami Herald reports.

In a video taken across the street from his Kendall home, a man, believed to be Esquivel, is seen walking up to the AAA contract worker, who is wearing a dark baseball cap and standing behind a white pick up truck. After the two men appear to have a brief argument, the man who approached the worker shoots the worker several times, stands over his body and walks away.

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Discuss political issues with politeness.

A southwest Missouri man is facing a felony charge after a woman’s political bumper stickers made him so angry that he allegedly pointed a gun at her, causing a wreck.

Follow the link and figure out who was on which side.

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Politeness is essential to strong families.

Police said they found Julian Hoffman suffering from a gunshot to his head. Hoffman was taken to a hospital where he later died. Investigators said Hoffman’s 10-year-old brother shot him.

Investigators tell Channel 11 the gun that was used was a 9 mm. Investigators said the two boys were home alone, with the 10-year-old was babysitting the 6-year-old.

The story goes on to say that the mother, who was at work when this happened, may be charged. It does not point out this simple equation

no gun } locked gun=no shooting

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Scatter ye politeness where ye may
Lest people still enjoy the light of day.

The University of Kansas’ Department of Public Safety seized a loaded, stolen handgun after a student found it late Tuesday morning on the fourth floor of Wescoe Hall, a classroom and office building on campus, authorities said.

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Fill your home with politeness.

Police in Haltom City just northeast of Fort Worth say a 9-year-old boy has fatally shot himself with a gun he found in a home.

Authorities say officers were flagged down Saturday by a woman crying hysterically and found the boy in a master bedroom of the home. A semi-automatic handgun was nearby and a drawer to a nightstand was open.

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Do polite stuff.

The sheriff says Constable Mike Wallace was off-duty when he and some friends were doing stuff in his garage. Wallace took a hand gun out of his pocket, went to put it down on a shelf, and the gun went off.

Officials say the bullet struck a friend in the abdomen . . . .

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Be polite to your elders.

The grandson was cleaning his gun when it went off and fired through two rooms, striking the grandmother.


When police arrived they found a woman suffering from a single gunshot wound. She was transported to UMC Trauma and later pronounced dead.

Thus passeth another day in NRA Paradise.

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Politeness precedes childhood’s end.

The incident took place at the Milliken Road home of the girl’s grandparents, police said previously. The girl was in the bedroom with her father on Monday night after 7 p.m., when the father, Todd Dorr, got up to adjust the television, according to McCausland.

When Todd Dorr was moving across the room, the girl took the gun from her father’s backpack nearby and it went off, detectives claim.

The firearm was not in a holster and there was no gunlock, McCausland said.