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Get a load of all the politeness.

Police were called at about 1:10 this morning to 310 W. Bigelow Ave. for a report of an accidental shooting. They found Brittany Lowd, no age or address provided, with a gunshot wound to her side, according to a Findlay Police media release.

They believe her boyfriend, Matthew Felder, no age or address provided, was sitting in the passenger seat of a truck unloading his pistol when it fired, striking Ms. Lowd in the side while she was in the driver’s seat, the release shows.

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Thus passeth another day in NRA Paradise.

The incident occurred about 11:45 a.m. at a residence in Yukon, Oklahoma, an Oklahoma City suburb. Police received a call from child welfare officials saying a child had shot himself with a gun.

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Gunnuttery goes to the doctor.

The woman, identified as Debra McQuillen, entered the building as a visitor at about 11am on Thursday (25 May).

Accidentally dropping her purse in a waiting room, authorities said the 22 calibre Derringer inside went off and struck one patient in the leg.

The stupid. It burns.

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Be polite to your pick-up.

An off-duty New York City corrections officer has accidentally shot himself and a woman after he dropped his gun while talking to her in a bar.

The officer was speaking to an unidentified woman Tuesday night when he dropped his gun and it went off, hitting one of his fingers and the woman’s foot.

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Politeness is a Republican Family Value.

Officers learned the 15-year-old victim had been accidentally shot in the face by his 10-year-old sibling.

Thus passeth another day in NRA Paradise.

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Be polite to your life-long partner.

According to State Police, Joan Reichard, 78 of Red Lion was taken to York Hospital after she was shot in the chest by her husband at their home on the 300 block of West Maple Street early Saturday morning. Her husband, whose name has not been released at this time, suffers from medical issues and believed that she was an intruder according to State Police spokesperson Brent Miller.

Reichard was in the bathroom when she was shot Saturday morning around 3:30 a.m.

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Politeness is for the birds.

A Smithfield man is accused of shooting a bald eagle earlier this year before fatally running over it with an all-terrain vehicle, according to court documents.

Details at the link. This is not related to a similar case here in these parts that I mentioned last week.

This is a different Real Big Man.

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Well, this takes the wedding cake.

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Be polite to your classmates.

Authorities say a 7-year-old boy was accidentally shot in a first-grade classroom by another student in Louisiana. Nobody else was wounded.

Calcasieu (KAL-kuh-shoo) Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso said the boy was shot a few minutes before 8 a.m. Monday. Police said in a news release that the boy was in surgery.

Mancuso says the loaded gun fell out of a first-grader’s backpack in the classroom, where a second student picked it up. The sheriff says the gun went off by accident.

The story goes on to say that the children will not be charged because of their youth, but the Real Big Man (or Woman) who owns the piece may well be.

(If both kids had been packing, no doubt this would not have happened.)

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Practice random acts of politeness.

Yet another Real Big Man.

All That Was Old Is New Again 0

Donald Trump holding up both hands in a Nixonian pose, with a hammer in one and a sickle in the other (a note labeled

Image via Job’s Anger.

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Self-politeness is the politest kind.

Wichita police say 34-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the chest as he was handling a .38-caliber handgun Tuesday night.

He was at a home in the 1500 block of North Harvard, near 13th and Hillside, when the gun discharged shortly after 11 p.m., according to police records.

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Politeness is a family affair.

Grieving friends and family of a Minnesota mom shot and killed by her fiancé were in court on Monday, demanding justice for her.

Lacey Kuschel, 35, was shot in the back and killed as she held 5-month-old daughter, Aspen. The shooting happened at 2 a.m. on Feb. 25 in rural Todd County.

Tyler Slagerman told Todd County sheriff’s deputies he had been out drinking with friends that night and that he had grabbed the rifle because he thought he heard dogs barking. But, he says, the rifle accidentally fired, killing Lacey and narrowly missing Aspen.

Follow the link to read why the woman’s father expresses skepticism regarding the allegation that this was yet another random happenstance just by chance could have happened to anyone who had been drinking and decided to exercise his Second Amendment rights because he thought he heard dogs barking in the night unfortunate incident in which a gun fired itself tragic accident.

And thus passeth another day in NRA Paradise.

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Be polite to our feathered friends.

A popular bald eagle hatched at Norfolk Botanical Garden had to be euthanized Saturday after being shot in Chesapeake.

Camellia, a 7-year-old male eagle, was shot in the southern part of the city near West and Benefit roads, according to Reese Lukei, research associate for the Center for Conservation Biology at the College of William & Mary.


“You cannot mistake a bald eagle for anything else,” he said. “For somebody to just shoot a bird is just disgusting.”

This was done no doubt by a Real Big Man.

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A father must teach his children to be polite.

A Hollis man who told authorities he intentionally shot his 11-year-old and 9-year-old sons with a BB gun “as a rite of passage” is being held without bail in the York County Jail, according to Maine State Police.


While being interviewed by the DHHS, the 11-year-old said he and his brother were shot because they failed to do their chores.

In an interview “Pelletier admitted to shooting the children not out of anger, but as a rite of passage to get their own BB guns and to know what it feels like getting hit so they won’t shoot other people,” state police said in the post.

Our whole damn country is suffering from lead poisoning.

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After the accident, exchange insurance information politely.

“There was some sort of fender bender. (My) son tried to do the right thing and pulled over to see if they wanted to exchange information. (The) young lady decided to pull out (a) gun and start shooting at both of my sons,” Westervelt said.

The teens were on their way to school, Westervelt said.

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As Rogers and Hammerstein remind us, gun nuts have to be carefully taught.

(Police Detective–ed.) Nenciarini says the 44-year-old instructor was conducting a class for people seeking concealed pistol licenses when he “pulled his gun out of its holster, pointed it at the door separating the two classrooms and fired a round.”

A 39-year-old Detroit man in another classroom was struck in both legs.

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A polite society is a clean society.

Deputies responded to a home in the 1200 block of Fifteen Mile Landing Road where a man had been shot in the leg, according to Charleston County Sheriff’s Lt. Rita Zelinsky.

He told deputies he had cleaned his gun, then turned off the lights and placed the gun on the night stand when it went off, striking him in the leg.

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Be polite at home.

Falmouth police say a 23-year-old man was taken to Maine Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon for treatment of a gunshot wound that he suffered when his handgun fired unintentionally.

I do not wish to sound like a quibbling old pedant (even though I am all three), but, as a handgun does not have consciousness, everything it does, it does “unintentionally.”

Without consciousness, there is no “intent.”

Methinks the wording of these reports should more accurately cast responsibility.

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The hunt for politeness goes on.

The incident, which police are calling an accident, happened at about 6:30 a.m. near Pickup Hill Road. The teen was hunting on private property at the same time as second hunting party. The teen was shot in the torso by part of a round fired by another hunter, police said. He was taken to a local hospital.