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The Descent 0

Mitch McConnell walking the Republican Elephant down winding stairs to basement of castle:

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Hidden 0

Picture of what appears to be a Muslim woman in full niqab. Man asks,

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How Stuff Works, Repeal and Displace Dept. 0

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan dressed in doctor's clothes.  McConnell:  Our effort to repeal Obamacare creates uncertainty . . . .  Ryan:  Which drives insurers from the market . . . . McConnell:  . . . Thereby justifying repeal.  Together:  It's a clinical trial breakthrough!!

Under Cover of Darkness 0

Josh Marshall points out that

Rhetorically, politically and in the simplest terms of reality, Republicans know there is no justifying this legislation. The public has already spoken. It is overwhelmingly unpopular. They are trying to do it in the dead of night because they know that. They convict themselves by their actions.

Follow the link for the full article.

GOP Health Care: Don’t Get Sick.
If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly.

Republican Health (Don’t Call It) Care 0

Title:  The Pre-Existing Condition.  Image: Doctor with Republican elephant patient explaining the patient's X-Ray as patient holds copy of the

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Ryan’s Derp 0

Mean for the sake of mean.

Paul Ryan wearing Trump hat saying,

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Your Health for Sale 0

Republican Health (Don’t Call It) Care 0

At, Ronnie Polaneczky profiles a Medicaid recipient who is a potential victim of Trumpcare. She’s a seven-year old girl from a solidly middle-class family who suffers from Rett Syndrome. Here’s a bit of her article:

If not for Medicaid, says Farrington, he and Barish would have had to find $25,000 this last year alone to cover Emma’s care as her condition worsened. Few young families have that many dollars in their pockets. What in the world would they do if Emma loses Medicaid?


Emma is only one of the countless thousands of Americans who rely on Medicaid when their luck runs out. Sick kids, disabled adults, the impoverished elderly – there is a real person, a real family, behind every dollar. Trump’s butchering of Medicaid would trade the well-being of these Americans for tax breaks for those who are already rich enough to buy and staff their own hospitals.

That possibility is not just immoral.

It’s grotesque.

GOP Health (Don’t Call It) Care 0

Today’s Republican Party is a vile and loathsome thing.

Sadism Is a Pre-Existing Condition 0

Reporter:  The Trumpcare bill allos states to opt out of Obamacare's ban on pre-existing conditions.  GOP Congressman:  It does?  Reporter:  It also takes $800 billion from Medicaid and cuts taxes on the wealthy.   Congressman:  Hmph.  Whadya know?  Reporter:  Congreassman, have you read the bill?  Congressman (holding up a

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Untreatable 0

Title:  Pre-existing Conditions for GOP Congressman.  Frame One:  Voice emanating from Capital Building saying,

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Victory Lap 0

Trump at podium behing a crowd of grinning Republicans celebrating

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“Don’t Get Sick. If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly” 0

Robert Reich excoriates Paul Ryans “they call it a health care” bill. A snippet:

America has the only health care system in the world designed to avoid sick people. Private for-profit health insurers spend millions of dollars to market themselves to healthy people because that’s where the profits are. They also make every effort to avoid sick people, because that’s where the costs are.

Ryan’s Derp 0

Title:  Paul Ryan, Faith Healer.  Image One:  Ryan, holding his health care bill, places his hand on the forhead of an old man in a wheelchair with an IV bottle and says,

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

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The Doctor Is In(censed) 0

In The Charlotte Observer, a North Carolina physician unloads on the AHCA (that is, Trumpcare). A snippet:

As a retired pediatrician, I am frankly frustrated, angry and ashamed to be an American because of what we are about to do. As long as other developed countries enjoy adequate and successful health insurance for all of their citizens, we are not the most successful nation on the planet. We are, in reality, guilty of economic racism, and the utter failure of states’ rights when it comes to equality in health care.

How Stuff Works, Insurance Dept. 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Mark B. Baer explains why Trumpcare is in no way health “insurance.”

Read it.

Ryan’s Derp 0

Woman and child standing on steps of mobile home as woman looks at medical bills.  She is saying,

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DonaldPaul’s Baby 0

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump staring through the window into the maternity ward, where their baby, named

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You’ve met the parents. Now meet the midwife.