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GOP Health (Don’t Call It) Care 0

Today’s Republican Party is a vile and loathsome thing.

Sadism Is a Pre-Existing Condition 0

Reporter:  The Trumpcare bill allos states to opt out of Obamacare's ban on pre-existing conditions.  GOP Congressman:  It does?  Reporter:  It also takes $800 billion from Medicaid and cuts taxes on the wealthy.   Congressman:  Hmph.  Whadya know?  Reporter:  Congreassman, have you read the bill?  Congressman (holding up a

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Untreatable 0

Title:  Pre-existing Conditions for GOP Congressman.  Frame One:  Voice emanating from Capital Building saying,

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Victory Lap 0

Trump at podium behing a crowd of grinning Republicans celebrating

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“Don’t Get Sick. If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly” 0

Robert Reich excoriates Paul Ryans “they call it a health care” bill. A snippet:

America has the only health care system in the world designed to avoid sick people. Private for-profit health insurers spend millions of dollars to market themselves to healthy people because that’s where the profits are. They also make every effort to avoid sick people, because that’s where the costs are.

Ryan’s Derp 0

Title:  Paul Ryan, Faith Healer.  Image One:  Ryan, holding his health care bill, places his hand on the forhead of an old man in a wheelchair with an IV bottle and says,

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Co-Pay 0

The Doctor Is In(censed) 0

In The Charlotte Observer, a North Carolina physician unloads on the AHCA (that is, Trumpcare). A snippet:

As a retired pediatrician, I am frankly frustrated, angry and ashamed to be an American because of what we are about to do. As long as other developed countries enjoy adequate and successful health insurance for all of their citizens, we are not the most successful nation on the planet. We are, in reality, guilty of economic racism, and the utter failure of states’ rights when it comes to equality in health care.

How Stuff Works, Insurance Dept. 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Mark B. Baer explains why Trumpcare is in no way health “insurance.”

Read it.

Ryan’s Derp 0

Woman and child standing on steps of mobile home as woman looks at medical bills.  She is saying,

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DonaldPaul’s Baby 0

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump staring through the window into the maternity ward, where their baby, named

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You’ve met the parents. Now meet the midwife.

Follow the Money 0

Thom suggests that Trumpcare is motivated by tax cuts for the rich and nothing more, then reviews the potential costs to ordinary citizens.

Elephant Hunt 0

Smiling Republican elephant labeled

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“The Party of Personal Responsibility” 0

House GOP to little baby:  Born with a pre-existing condition, were you?  Well, don't expect us healthy God-fearing citizens to pay for your preexisting condition, kid!

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In related news, Dick Polman dissects the hypocrisy.

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Wall of Lies, Reprise 0

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The Missing Piece (Updated) 0

Republican Elephants as doctor gathered around a surgical patient labeled

The reason Republicans are so determined to repeal the ACA, which they chose to dub “Obamacare,” is quite simple.

They cannot stand that the Black Guy did it.

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Addendum, Later That Same Day:

Josh Marshall comments on ACA repeal passing the House (emphasis added):

. . . this should remind us of what I’ve previously called the Iron Law of Republican Politics. That is, the ‘GOP moderates’ will always cave. I learned this law back in 1998-99 during the impeachment drama. Lots of Republicans thought impeachment was insanity. They warned against it. Said it shouldn’t happen. Said it would be a disaster. Every Republican in the House but four ended up voting for it.

That’s the Iron Law: the ‘GOP moderates’ will always cave.

More at the link.


In order to have a “crisis of conscience,” you must first have a conscience.

Speaking of Health Care Fantasies . . . . 0

The Art of the Con, Free Market Fantasies Dept. 0

At the San Francisco Chronicle, Kristin Luker skewers some of the “free market” fantasies with which Republican dress up their attempts to deny health care to the citizenry.

Here’s the list; follow the link for the discussion (emphasis in the original):

  • Fantasy No. 1 is the idea that people shop for health insurance just as they shop for peas.
  • Fantasy No. 2 is the idea that the patient is the consumer. No. The physician is the consumer . . . .
  • Fantasy No. 3 is that health care is an individual matter. This is nonsense — all health is public health.

GOP Health Care: “Don’t Get Sick. If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly” 0

Dick Polman takes a look at Trump Care v. 2.0. A snippet (italics in the original):

Under Obamacare, insurance companies can’t slap higher premiums on people who have pre-existing health conditions. This has long been one of the law’s most popular features. But when Trump was asked yesterday the simplest of questions – does the new Republican bill protect these people or not? – he was incapable of clarity. Either he was purposefully duplicitous (naw, him?) or simply ignorant about what the bill actually says (naw, him?).

His answer:

“Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I just watched another network than yours, and they were saying ‘Pre-existing is not covered.’ Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I mandate it. I said, ‘Has to be.’….They say we don’t cover pre-existing conditions. We cover it beautifully.”

I know this might shock you, but the truth is precisely the opposite of what Trump said.

Trumpling the Art of Compromise 0

Donald Trump dressed as Hollywood gangster at end of dock resting foot on bucket labeled

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