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Trumpling the Art of Compromise 0

Donald Trump dressed as Hollywood gangster at end of dock resting foot on bucket labeled

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Health Care Fundamental 0

Atrios states the core issue.

If you get sick, should you just die if you aren’t rich?

The Pusher Men 0

Still in Search of That Elusive Buck 0

Daniel Ruth considers Donald Trump’s reaction the the failure of Paul Ryan’s “they laughing call it a health care” bill. A snippet:

This wasn’t a health care proposal. It was a health care pogrom on the American people. It was Trump Scare.

Despite all the finger-pointing and Trump’s efforts to blame the United Nations, the Brownies, the Peace Corps, Saturday Night Live and Ted Cruz’s father for the failure of the Think of Dead as Just a Chronic Condition Act, the measure was supported by only 17 percent of the public. And that was probably the membership at the Mar-a-Lago Golf Club.

Meanwhile, TPM reports that Republicans are considering trying again, apparently because being against the Affordable Care Act seems to be all they know how to do.


We have traded the “rule of law” for the “rule of flaw.”

Self-Help Book 0

Title:  The President's New Book.  Image:  Book in jacket that says,

A Diet of Worms 0

Warning: Language.

Projecting the Loss 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Stanton Peel returns with another post about Donald Trump; Peele argues that Trump’s reaction to Republicans’ pulling their “they laughingly call it a health care” bill is a classic illustration of psychological projection.

Here’s a bit:

“We got no Democratic votes,” President Trump said in an interview as he attempted to put the best possible face on a major defeat.

Um, Mr. President? No votes were taken with Democrats present.

Psychological projection is a syndrome in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Donald Trump’s speech on the defeat of the health care bill he supported was a model of projection.

Do please read the rest.

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Ryan’s Derp (Updated, Kicked to the Top) 0

It’s one battle.

It’s not the war.


Thanks, Obama.


SeattlePI previews the next strategy to make America sick again.

The Art of the Con 0

TPM explores the propaganda Republicans are using to promote their “they laughingly call it health care” bill. Here’s one; follow the link for the rest (emphasis in the original).

Obamacare is “collapsing.” –House Speaker Paul Ryan This is the con of yesterday, the con of today, the con of tomorrow. It plays twin roles of justifying Republicans’ rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and giving them cover if and when there is dissatisfaction with what they replace it with: You think this is bad, but it would have been worse if we let Obamacare collapse.

However, the CBO last week made clear — backing up what multiple other analyses have said — that Obamacare is not in or heading towards a death spiral.

“In CBO and JCT’s assessment, however, the nongroup market would probably be stable in most areas under either current law or the legislation,” the CBO said.

Always Read the Fine Print 0

Title:  The Small Print.  Image:  Trump baseball cap saying,

Via Job’s Anger.

Teamwork 0

Donald Trump says,

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All the News that Fits 0

Ryan’s Derp, Return of Beyond the Palin Dept. 0

David Ruth explains that fantastical things sometimes come to pass.

It seems former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was right after all. There really is such a thing as a death panel. It’s called Congress.

This is probably the inevitable result when laws are cooked up by a speaker of the House of Representatives who has treated the post as if he is president of the Ayn Rand Society.

More at the link.

A Ruse by Any Other Name, Reprise 0

Donald Trump says,

Via Job’s Anger.

Rude Awakenings 0

Title:  A Trump Voter's Nightmare.  Image:  Man wearing Trump hat in bed shakes his wife awake saying,

Via Juanita Jean.

“Pre-Planning”* 0

Title:  The Ryan-McCarthy Funeral Home.  Image:  Paul Ryan and (California Congressman--ed.) Kevin McCarthy standing under sign saying,

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*One more time: Is there any other kind of planning?

It’s All about the Benjamins 0

Catherine Rampell looks at the backstory of the Republican “they laughingly call it health care” bill. A snippet:

Among the biggest are repeals of two ACA surtaxes on the highest-earning Americans: a 0.9 percent payroll tax add-on and a 3.8 percent tax on net investment income for couples whose incomes exceed $250,000 ($200,000 for individuals).


The presence of expensive tax cuts in a bill purportedly about health-care reform is not a side effect; it’s the entire point. They make it easier for Republicans’ (much bigger) individual and corporate tax cuts to sail through the Senate with minimal Democratic obstruction in a few months’ time.

Some Penalties May Apply 0

Republican Elephant gestures towards insurance company reps while saying to consumer,

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“Suffer, Baby” 0

A writer to editor of The Roanoke Times recalls the suffering of a nephew stricken with cystic fibrosis at the age of six weeks and marvels at Republican efforts to gut health care coverage.

A snippet:

Bob Goodlatte, you and many of your congressional colleagues are adamantly opposed to the Affordable Care Act. I can only surmise that none of you has loved ones who 1) struggle with chronic illnesses, 2) must pay hundreds of dollars each month for medications and treatments in order to maintain even a minimal quality of life, 3) have attained or are reaching an age when they will no longer be covered on their parents’ insurance, and/or 4) are or will be denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

The Medicine Show 0

Reka Basu recounts a recent experience with U. S. medical care. She has been dealing with a dermatalogical problem that has cost her hundreds of dollars and many hours with the U. S. Medical-Industrial Complex. Then she was introduced to a cure in an unexpected way:

But after a year of shelling out hundreds of dollars on doctors, labs and medicines to clear up the rough patches on my elbows that had gotten me nowhere, I’d come up with another approach.

Actually, a beautician giving me a facial in an Indian beauty parlor had come up with it during my recent annual visit to India. Seeing my elbows, the woman dispatched a pedicurist to the drugstore next door to get me an over-the-counter ointment she said would bring signs of improvement in a week. And it did.

I bring this up not because my skin problems are of much consequence. On the contrary. If a beauty parlor employee can recognize symptoms and suggest a treatment that works after two doctors, a biopsy and several medications couldn’t, it suggests a larger problem with our profit-obsessed medical care system and pharmaceutical industry.

Follow the link for her theory as to why that particular over-the-counter salve is not available in the United States.


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