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What the Booman said.

The Pusher Men, Zombieland Dept. 0

You can read the transcript here.

The Golden Fleecing 0

As Little Red Riding Hood approaches, Donald Trump, wearing a

Via Job’s Anger.

A (Republican) Christmas Carol 0

Scrooge looks on as Bob Cratchit grieves at Tiny Tim's grave and says,

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Sucklers at the Public Teat 0

The Rendering 0

Title:  Soylent Greenbacks.  Image:  Conveyor belt carrying ordinary working persons and students into vat labeled

Via Job’s Anger.

The Craving of the Craven 0

In Portland, Maine, Press Herald, Sally Chappell discusses “wealth addiction,” the phenomenon in which persons who have more riches than they can ever use crave more, more, more.

Here’s an excerpt:

The drug addict steals to satisfy his habit and causes great harm to himself, his family and the public; the wealth addict steals, too, but is often able to avoid criminal conviction by blocking effective legislation that would protect the public from the tyranny imposed by a small segment of the population. This has a greater negative effect on society than drug addiction. We are seeing it now in the attempted dismantling of government initiatives developed to serve the common good: Social Security, public education, Medicare and Medicaid, public transportation, national parks, etc., through underfunding or withdrawal of funding and demonization of government.

The Pwned President 0

Facade of the White House bearing big sign saying

Via Job’s Anger.

Pulling a Bank Job 0

Goldman’s Sacks 0

The Pusher Men 0

Richard French of the Regional News Network interviews Pap about the opioid epidemic.

Transcript here.

All the News that Fits 0

Time Magazine has a Koch problem.

Payday Payback 0

This is good news.

A former Main Line investment banker known as the “godfather of payday lending” was found guilty of racketeering conspiracy charges Monday by federal jurors, whose verdict cast doubt on the legality of business tactics that have enabled the multibillion-dollar industry for years.


He is only the latest in a series of payday lenders convicted in recent months of racketeering conspiracy, a crime traditionally prosecuted in cases against Mafia loansharking operations.

Roadhogs on the Information Highway 0

Image:  Highway with a sign saying

Via Job’s Anger.

Thanksgiving Trivia 0

Take the quiz (and find that Christmas shopping has influenced Thanksgiving much longer than you think).

Serving up a Big Turkey 0

Paul Ryan servers huge Thanksgiving turkey to a table.  Seated at the table is a plutocrat with a knife and fork and an infant eyeing the bill for the tax cuts.

Via The Bob Cesca Show Blog.

Sustaining the Stupid 0

The Rude One comments on the Republican tax deform bill and its strategy to deny access to higher education.

Warning: Rude.

The Limited Access Information Highway 0

Thom discusses the Trump’s FCC’s attempt to end net neutrality.

Chasing the Bait and Switch 0