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Title:  The Process Explained.  Image:  Man labeled

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Suffer the Children 0

It’s not scripture. It’s Republicanism.

The Path to Pariah 0

The Booman documents another step down the road.

Unfinished Business 0

Scott Pruitt vacating his office carrying boxes of belongings, saying,

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Origins Issue 0

Badtux ponders the origins of wealth.

Slow Down, You Talk Too Fast 0

The Pusher Men 0

This should be interesting:

Bland, Carroll, Grayson and Smyth counties (Virginia–ed.) have filed federal lawsuits accusing 15 prescription opioid manufacturers and three distributors of aggressively persuading doctors to prescribe opioids and turning patients into drug addicts for their own profit.

The lawsuits also say that the companies falsely told doctors that patients would “only rarely succumb to drug addiction.”


The lawsuits accuse the manufacturers of:

  • Falsely, deceptively and unfairly marketing opioids.
  • Misrepresenting the risks and benefits of opioids.
  • Grossly understating and misstating the dangerous addiction risks.
  • Grossly overstating the benefits.
  • Targeting susceptible prescribers and vulnerable patient populations.
  • Making deceptive statements and concealing material facts.
  • Fraudulently concealing their misconduct.
  • And breaching their duties under federal and state law to prevent diversion and monitor, report and prevent suspicious orders.

More at the link.

Wipe Out! 0

Donald Trump, riding a Harley-Davidson, with the license plate,

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Jay Bookman comments. Here’s a bit; follow the link for the complete article.

You can’t condemn a company for responding logically to economic conditions that you yourself created. Not unless you’re Donald Trump, and the company is Harley-Davidson.

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Nailed! (by Trump) 0

The Slosh of the Slush 0

Mike discusses New York state’s lawsuit alleging that the Trump Foundation was for all practical purposes a slush fund used for various illegal purposes, including Trump’s political campaign. He is skeptical that the suit will do anything to erode Trump’s support among what Bob Cesca refers to as “the Red Hats.”

Warning: Language.

Flip Joints 0

It seems that most of the waiting rooms I visit–the ones with televisions, that is–have reached a consensus that HGTV is the least offensive channel to set their TV dials to (remember dials?). Accordingly, I see far more home renovation and house flipping shows than I would willingly submit to.

I have, however, seen enough that I found this New York Times article on real-life house flippers and how their experiences differ from the HGTV narratives an interesting read.

It illustrates again that “reality TV” and reality are in no way related, just as “Fox” and “News” ar–oh, never mind.

Trade Warriors 0

Republicans refuse to act to stop Donald Trump’s authority to impose tariffs against friendly nations in the name of “national security.”

Not Neutrality 0

Title:  If Water Utilities Ran like Internet Companies.  Image:   Woman to plumber:  So, under your new pricing plan, I'd have enough water pressure for my shower?  Plumber:  Yes, but not enough to flush your toilet.  That's extra.

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Foundation and Empire 0

When Isaac Asimov* conceived the Foundation Trilogy, I doubt he imagined a foundation as venal as this one.


My favorite Asimov book is Pebble in the Sky.

Not Neutrality 0

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Frame One:  The AT&T Time Warner merger could lead to more big media mergers.  Frame Two (pan out the helicopter bringing giant envelope):  Yeah, the merger between my wallet and the cable company.

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And, in related news . . . .

The Regilded Age 0

More here and here.

A Plea for Succor Sucker 0

Man on television waving a Bible:  Jeus wants you to buy me a $54 million jet because flying commercial is like being in a long tube with a bunch of doped-up demons!  Can I hear a Hallelujah?  Man says to husband,

Via Juanita Jean.

Petty Larceny 0

Paul Krugman.

Soul Provider 0

Rudy Guiliani saying,

Elie Mystal offers commentary.

Image via Job’s Anger.