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The Pusher Men 0

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Cause and Defect 0

Frame One:  Man blistering in heat, captioned

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The Fire This Time 0

Will Bunch.

In related news, Bob Cesca reports from Santa Rosa.

Buyers’ Remorse 0

Meanwhile, Josh Marshall wonders whether push is coming to shove.

What Happened in Puerto Rico? 0

Lee Camp looks at the uncovered parts of the story.

Warning: Language.

On a Relief Missing 0

Image One:  Donald Trump throws paper towels to Puerto Ricans.  Image Two:  Donald Trump throws bags of money in tax cuts to plutocrats.

Via Job’s Anger.

Scare Tactics 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Roy Eidelson describes how the NRA and the gun lobby uses fear to line their pockets. A snippet:

To help give their “we’ll all be helpless” scare tactics the sheen of academic respectability, the gun industry has eagerly turned to the likes of economist John Lott, the high-profile promoter of the widely discredited thesis that more guns lead to less crime.


Of course, scientific evidence regarding gun violence isn’t popular with many beholden members of Congress. For them, propaganda is just fine. In fact, thanks to NRA lobbying, Congress prohibits the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from even conducting research related to guns and public health.

The Entitlement Society 0

If you can’t change the law, change the lawyers.

“Well-Regulated” 0

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Plus ca Change 0

Don’t think that this is anything new.

Here’s a bit of historical perspective for all you youngsters out there.

Swamp Things 0

Farron looks at Donald Trump’s “newly drained swamp” and concludes the drains are clogged.

Taxation without Consideration 0

Title:  Trump Tax Plan on One Page.  Image:  NCAA like brackets illustrating Trump Family, the Rich, Corporations all point towards Job’s Anger.

The Grift of Grab 0

Man wearing MAGA hat says,

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Puerto Rico, the Plundering 0

Warning: Language.

(Video embed fixed. I had assistance from the cat while I prepared the initial post. She’s a nice cat, but she knows nothing about HTML5.)

The Snaring Economy, Gypsy Cabs with an App Dept. 0

Owen Davis reports that Uber has achieved another milestone.

It has gotten itself sued for stock fraud, even thought it has not yet issued any stock. An excerpt:

The plaintiffs, the Irving (Texas) Firemen’s Relief & Retirement Fund, invested $2 million in Uber back in 2016 through a fund operated by Morgan Stanley. Since then, the lawsuit claims, Uber’s private valuation has dropped $18 billion. So they’re suing.

If Uber had recently gone public in a massively overhyped IPO, only to shed double-digits as the true depths of its mediocrity came to light, a lawsuit would not be unusual. Just ask Blue Apron. But it’s rare for a startup to face investor suits in any situation short of complete and utter fabrication on the part of the founders. It basically signals that the highly illiquid startup stake you’ve got – and for which you’d like good money – is worthless.

Read the whole thing. It will give you a lyft.

Betsy DeVos’s Secret of Success 0

Facebook Frolics 0

The Register explains why, in the “social” media industry (and it is an industry, not a service), cluelessness is not a bug; it’s a feature. A snippet:

No one at Facebook had any idea anyone might use its ad tools to target “Jew haters,” said COO Sheryl Sandberg earlier this week.

Of course not. Facebook, like its rival Google, thrives on the income of ignorance and contrition.

To prevent money laundering, financial institutions must comply with know-your-customer laws.

Facebook and Google know everything about their product – the people who use their free services – but as little as possible about everything else, because knowledge goes hand-in-hand with liability.

You Are a Commodity 0

Gaming the Google 0

That seldom works out well.

Exercising Options 0

Trump and staff in situation room.  General says,

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