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Patient wearing NRA hat with rash that looks like dead bodies spreading over his skin to doctor:

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Chartering a Course to Disaster 0

Betsy DeVos at Department of Education meeting sitting at a table with three foxes asks,

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Your TV Is Hooked on Drugs 0

Pap argues that Big Pharma has an inordinate influence on TV news. He has a point.

I don’t necessarily buy his position that “mainstream media” cannot be trusted. The term is too broad; if it’s amended to “mainstream television,” which is what he focuses on, I accept it.

I long ago concluded that TV news, local or network, broadcast or cable, is not worth my while (Fox News, which is aggressively mendacious and actively toxic, is another beast entirely).

Russian Impulses 0

Shaun Mullen does a deep dive into the reeking stew of Donald Trump, Russian agents, and Hillary Clinton’s emails, reverse-engineering the recipe and laying out the list of ingredients.

A snippet (all caps in the original):

IT WAS AN ODD GROUP THAT ASSEMBLED on that unseasonably cool late spring afternoon around a table in a conference room on an upper floor of a glass and marble skyscraper on New York’s Fifth Avenue. On one side of the table were four Russians. On the other side were Trump’s eldest son, son-in-law and the man who was about to become manager and chief strategist of the billionaire’s improbable campaign to become president.

The events surrounding the June 6, 2016 meeting — both before and after — suggest that Trump not only encouraged members of his campaign team to assist Russians working for Vladimir Putin to interfere in the forthcoming election, but expected the meeting to pay dividends for his long-shot bid for the presidency because it would provide new ammunition with which to assail the chief target of his incendiary stump speeches — Hillary Clinton.

The Pusher Men 0

Folks are starting to notice the pushery.

The Nevada A.G.’s office announced the filing of a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma and its smaller affiliate companies after a two-year investigation revealed the company — which manufactures popular drugs OxyContin and Butrans among othern opioids — trained sales representatives to overstate to Nevada doctors the drugs’ effectiveness in long-term pain relief to generate more sales of the drugs, Laxalt said. Purdue Pharma representatives also understated the risk of addiction to the drugs, ultimately contributing to large-scale opioid dependence and abuse in Nevada, Laxalt said.

The story goes on to state that Purdue Pharma is “disappointed” at the action.

Yeah, the guys at Enron were “disappointed” too.


My ex was an OR nurse. The staff always looked forward to visits from drug company pushers salespersons because it meant lunch was on the drug company. And that was 30 years ago.

The Pusher Men 0

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Rubbing It In 0

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The Pusher Men, Goldman’s Sacks Dept. 0

Thom explains that, for Big Pharma profits, a cure is worse than the disease.

Nor Any Drop To Drink 0

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“There’s One Now” 0

Dick Polman muses about how to spot a sociopath.

Russian Impulses 0

Shaun Mullen reports on Manifest Manafort Destiny while mincing no words. A snippet:

For openers, Manafort’s entire career has been one exercise in evil after another.


The distance between circumstantial and provable can be substantial. But if the Russia scandal has taught us nothing else beyond the fact that virtually every key Trump player is a bad actor, it is that if something looks like a coincidence, it almost certainly is not.

Fouled Weather Ahead 0

Title:  Policy Quality Index.  Image:  Series of ratings:

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(Flying) First-Class Acts 0

Image of building labeled

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