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This should be interesting:

Bland, Carroll, Grayson and Smyth counties (Virginia–ed.) have filed federal lawsuits accusing 15 prescription opioid manufacturers and three distributors of aggressively persuading doctors to prescribe opioids and turning patients into drug addicts for their own profit.

The lawsuits also say that the companies falsely told doctors that patients would “only rarely succumb to drug addiction.”


The lawsuits accuse the manufacturers of:

  • Falsely, deceptively and unfairly marketing opioids.
  • Misrepresenting the risks and benefits of opioids.
  • Grossly understating and misstating the dangerous addiction risks.
  • Grossly overstating the benefits.
  • Targeting susceptible prescribers and vulnerable patient populations.
  • Making deceptive statements and concealing material facts.
  • Fraudulently concealing their misconduct.
  • And breaching their duties under federal and state law to prevent diversion and monitor, report and prevent suspicious orders.

More at the link.

No Raise for the Weary 0

Mangled in the Equifax Machine 0

This is an unbelievable cavalcade of stupid.

Fiefdom of the Press 0

Image:  Persons staring at spiraling image on TV.  Caption:  There are 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1400 TV stations, 2400 publishers owned by only 6 corporations.

Via Job’s Anger.

Facebook Frolics, Biometric Boog-a-Loo Dept. 0

Mike Papantonio talks with Brigida Santos about why a judge is ordering Facebook to face trial over its collection of data from personal images.

The Consumer Predation Bureau 0

Life of the Trickled-On, Bank Robbery Dept. 0

Merger and Monopoly 0

One of the most pernicious acts of Ronald Reagan was to suspend enforcement of anti-trust laws, leading the corporate consolidation we see around us, delivering the polity into the hands of our own homegrown oligarchs.

Thom and his guest discuss how monopolies work.


It’s ironic that Republicans simultaneously extol vociferously the virtues of competition while actively supporting–and are supported by–those who would eliminate it.

Pulling a Bank Job 0

Goldman’s Sacks 0

The Limited Access Information Highway 0

Thom discusses the Trump’s FCC’s attempt to end net neutrality.

Chasing the Bait and Switch 0

Out of Pocket 0

Warning: Language

Adventures in Paradise Papers 0

Trouble in Paradise 0

The Guardian provides in-depth reporting on the Paradise Papers.

There are multiple articles about them, the reaction to them, and their implications at the link.

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Via C&L.

Dialectic 0

Monopoly Man as capitalist.  Frame One:  I'll pay my workers as little as possible to maximize profit.  Frame Two:  Why can't persons afford to buy my commodities?

Via Job’s Anger.

Exercising Options 0

Trump and staff in situation room.  General says,

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“Just the Equifax, Ma’am” 0

Thom and his guest discuss the Equihacks.

But Where Are the Trolls?
Send in the Trolls.
Don’t Bother, They’re Here.

In a long and thoughtful piece, Josh Marshall explains why he sees the Trump-Russia investigation and the issue of Russian bots on the Zuckerborg heading for a collision. He delivers this trenchant observation almost as an aside:

Facebook has said that it can’t release its findings because that would violate its own ‘internal policies’ which protect user privacy. That’s rich.

He goes on to expand on this theme later in the article:

Facebook is so accustomed to treating its ‘internal policies’ as though they were something like laws that they appear to have a sort of blind spot that prevents them from seeing how ridiculous their resistance sounds. To use the cliche, it feels like a real shark jumping moment. As someone recently observed, Facebook’s ‘internal policies’ are crafted to create the appearance of civic concerns for privacy, free speech, and other similar concerns. But they’re actually just a business model.

Marshall also senses a rising public resentment against the intrusiveness of “Big Data.”

Follow the link. It’s worth your while.