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Nor Any Drop To Drink 0

Thom interviews a reporter who thinks the decision to approve the water Flint, Michigan, to be questionable, especially as lead water lines are still in place.

The Trumper-Go-Round 0

Paul Waldman looks at the spin cycle. A snippet (emphasis added):

No matter what ludicrous charge Trump makes, the entire political system reacts as though it might be true. If tomorrow the president said that “Robert Mueller” never existed and the person claiming to be him is actually Nancy Pelosi in elaborate makeup, we’d all find ourselves debating whether Mueller is a real person while House Republicans angrily demand that he produce a DNA sample.


These are lies. They’re not “unconfirmed,” they’re not “misstatements,” and they’re not “exaggerations.” They’re lies. They should have been greeted with headlines reading, “President Trump lies to public about Russia investigation”

Follow the link for the numerous examples he was able to cite in one short article.

Trumping Up the Charges 0

Jay Bookman discusses the serial mendacity of Devin Nunes. A nugget:

But if Nunes is not too bright or ethical, he is certainly diligent. That fake scandal was quickly followed by another, this time over the so-called Nunes memo. In that memo, the California congressman claimed to have compiled classified information proving the existence of an anti-Trump cabal within the FBI that had abused its powers in investigating the president. Once again, the conservative noise machine revved itself up; once again, Trump joined the fray, clearing the way to have the Nunes memo declassified and telling aides that it would prove his claim of a witch hunt against him.

Yet when the ballyhooed memo was made public, it too proved to be nonsense . . . .

Both Sides Don’t 0

Thom talks to a caller who equates George Soros with the Koch Brothers. Thom explains why that bird won’t fly, then explores the darker aspect of Republicans’ Soros fetish.

(Misplet wrod corrceted.)

Huh? 0

Title:  Why Trump's Lawyers Don't Want Him To Testify before Mueller.  Image:  Robert Mueller holding up his right hand saying,

Via Job’s Anger.

The Art of the Con 0

Farron tries to figure out Republicans’ loyalty to Donald Trump.

Dis Coarse Discourse 0

Republican pundit wants a free pass for Republican lies.


Does no one understand what “beg the question” means any more?


The Republican Race Card 0

The Lie of the Land and Gullible’s Travails 0

Direct link.

Hey! Rubio! 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., would like some straight answers from Senator Marco.

The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Elie Mystal points out that Kris Kobach is a courting disaster.

Moscow Nights 0

If the embed doesn’t work, follow this link.

Hannity’s Litany of Lies 0

In Fox News style, Samantha strings assertions and hot air to build a case that Sean Hannity is a serial killer.

No Raise for the Weary 0

And this surprises you how?

Know Thyself 0

Man to shrink:  I'm trying to figure out who I am.  Shrink:  You could look at the data Facebook has on you.

Click for the original image.

“The Lying King” 0

Title:  The Lying King.  Image:  Donald Trump on mountain holding sign saying

Twits on Twitter 0

Wall-eyed twits:

No Shadows 0

Via C&L, which has commentary.

All the News that Fits 0

Dick Polman explores the Sinclair Broadcasting disinformation dispenser. A snippet:

As one anchor recently lamented, “I felt like a POW recording a message.” That’s the deal when you work for a station owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, a media company that owns 173 outlets nationwide and may soon buy 42 more, including WPHL 17 in Philadelphia. As a font of pro-Trump propaganda, Sinclair is arguably worse than Fox News. At corporate headquarters, people with ties to Russia (I kid you not) are writing Trump promotional pieces – and all across the land, Sinclair’s talking heads are forced to read the pieces word for word. As the corporate instructions intone, “Please produce the attached scripts exactly as they are written.”

Trumpling Amazon 0

At El Reg, Kieran McCarthy deconstructs Donald Trump’s tirades against Amazon. A snippet:

In 2016, it (Amazon paid in state, local, and federal texes–ed.) paid $412m; in 2015, $273m; in 2014, $177m. As the company grows and brings in more revenue, it pays, well, more in taxes. There are companies that make far larger profits – like General Motors and United Airlines – but pay next to nothing in US income taxes.

Not that Amazon pays a large sum as a percentage of profits. According to an extensive market analysis of the company last year, Amazon pays an overall 13 per cent in federal, state and local taxes. This is much lower than the average large company – which pays around 27 per cent – so you can imagine why Trump is furious.

If, that is, you ignore his persistent calls for a 15 per cent corporate tax rate.

Full disclosure: I am not a fan of Amazon and its attempt to assimilate American retail. I avoid using it as much as possible, but I do use it from time to time, primarily for books.