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Lies and Lying Liars 0

Paul Krugman explains lies have a way of catching up with liars, with the loathsome Graham-Cassidy bill being just one example. A nugget:

So how did Republicans come up with something that bad, and how did that bad thing get so close to becoming law? Indeed, it still has a chance of being enacted despite John McCain’s “no.”

The answer is that Republicans have spent years routinely lying for the sake of political advantage. And now — not just on health care, but across the board — they are trapped by their own lies, forced into trying to enact policies they know won’t work.

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WMD All Over Again Once More? 0

Reality Bites 0

Two Trump supporters swirling around in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  One says,

Via Job’s Anger.

“Look into My Eyes” 0

Frame One:  EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt saying ,

Via Juanita Jean.

It Walks Again by Night 0

Of course, there is no such thing as as “Alt-Left’ movement. The fictional Alt-Left is nothing more than the Neo-Nazi white right looking in a mirror and seeing its image in reverse.

Ship of Fools 0

Image of populace under a deluge boarding an ark named

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The Art of the Con 0


If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Be Better 0

Dick Polman ruminates on Texas Republicans’ actions followinng Hurricane Harvey. A snippet:

It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed a carnival Cruz.

In January 2013, when Congress readied a $50-billion Sandy recovery package, 36 Republican senators — including Texas’ John Cornyn and Ted Cruz — voted to reject it. Those are the same senators, who, in the wake of Harvey, wrote a letter begging the federal government “to provide any and all emergency protective measures.”

On Monday, when Cruz was on MSNBC pleading for his “any and all” Harvey recovery package, he was asked about his thumbs-down Sandy vote. In response, he insisted that “the bill was filled with unrelated pork. Two-thirds of that bill had nothing to do with Sandy.”

Cruz lied.

Science, Schmience 0

And, in related, news . . . .

The Great Emaciator 0

Title:  The Alt-Right History of the Civil War:  the War of Heritage and Statues.'  Frame One:  Image of black man with slave ship in the background as a slaveholder who looks like Steve Bannon proffers a copy of

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The Warped Lens of the Perryscope 0

Chorus Lyin’ 0

Image One, What Trump said:  We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, on many sides!  Image Two, What Trump Said He said:  We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence (redacted, redacted, redacted).  Image Three, What Trump Is Always Saying: I (redacted) I (redacted) I (redacted) I (redacted) I (redacted) I (redacted) I (redacted).

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All the News that Fits 0

Mike muses on Trumpled TV. (Warning: Language.)

The Panderers’ Party (Updated) 0

In the Portland Press-Herald, Roger Bowen reflects on the Republican Party’s denial of objective facts. He starts with Republicans’ denial of climate change, when is already affecting Maine’s lobster industry, and moves on to other issues. Here’s a bit (emphasis added):

Misrepresenting the science of climate change, claiming it is a “hoax” and telling untruths to bolster the party base are the tactics Trump’s Republican Party has employed with foolish consistency to the acclaim of little minds.

No surprise – America’s voting public is polarized, and partisan stances on climate change is but one example. . . .

To deny climate change is to repudiate the former president, much in the same way as to deny the beneficial effects of Obamacare, such as providing health insurance for the poor, is seen as an opportunity to reverse Obama’s success. If today’s Republican Party stands for anything, it stands for undoing Obama’s contributions to advancing the public good.

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A Question of Identity 0

In a larger column about the apparent survival of the Affordable Care Act, despite Mitch McConnell’s machinations, Paul Krugman serves up this gem:

Whenever I see someone castigating liberals for engaging in identity politics, I wonder what such people imagine the right has been doing all these years.

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Running the Numbers 0

There’s no delusion like self-delusion.

Health Care: Follow the Money 0

It leads right to health care CEOs.