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Phoney phrolics.

At this point, outrageous U. S. political stories on Facebook should be assumed to be false unless they can be confirmed from an independent source.

How Stuff Works, the Right-Wing Noise Machine Dept. 0

In the midst of a larger article about Trump’s fumbled fulminations about expressing condolences to the families of the four soldiers who fell in Niger, Paul Waldman describes the wingnut propaganda process. You can follow the link for the complete article, but here’s the crucial bit:

Now here’s why this matters. Yes, many news outlets pointed out that Trump wasn’t telling the truth. But there are probably three interns at Fox News who are now scouring old news reports to find some family member of a fallen soldier who didn’t get a call from Obama. If they find it, that person’s story will then become the subject of a segment on Sean Hannity’s show, and it will then get retold on a hundred talk radio programs and conservative websites as proof that Obama was a monster and the media are all lying about this. (Trump’s insistence that there was “fake news” at work is another way of telling his supporters not to believe whatever they hear about this subject that comes from sources not explicitly supporting him.) And I promise you that if you took a poll two weeks from now, you’d find that 40 percent of the public (or more) believes that Barack Obama never called the family of any fallen soldier, and only Donald Trump has the sensitivity to do so.

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All the News that Fits 0

Not so bright, Bart.

Lukas Podolski has received an apology from ultra-conservative news website Breitbart, who used an image of the ex-Germany international alongside a story about illegal immigration, with the striker threatening legal action.

The website originally published an article entitled “Spanish Police Crack Gang Moving Migrants on Jet-Skis” with a picture of the ex-Arsenal star on a jet-ski before it was swiftly changed.

Follow the link for a screenshot of the Breitbart lie.

The “Memory Hole” 0

Brian Klaas remembers George Orwell:

In George Orwell’s prophetically dystopian novel “1984,” Big Brother’s regime uses a “memory hole” to destroy any facts or documents that become inconvenient to the regime’s preferred narrative. Citizens are then taught alternative facts – and they must forget what they previously knew. In the end, only “facts” that show Big Brother in a positive light are allowed to exist.

President Trump has brought the memory hole to the United States.

Follow the link to find out why Klaas said that.

The Lie of the Land 0

Misdirection Play, the Search for Scapegoats Dept. 0

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Farron skewers Paul Ryan’s efforts to promote trickle-on economics.

Twits on Twitter 0

Lost in translation twits.

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“Nonsense Debt” 0

Josh Marshall looks at the developing war within the Republican Party between the absurd and the absolutely crazy, witness the recent Alabama primary victory of Judge Roy Moore.

Marshall suggests that Republicans have done it to themselves. (Unfortunately, they are poised to do it to the rest of us, also.)

Here’s a crucial bit; follow the link for the rest (emphasis added).

Indeed, when the President is Donald Trump and people elected in the Tea Party wave election of 2010 (and successive elections) dominate the congressional GOP, it is a bit hard to say what the GOP ‘establishment’ even is at this point other than the current occupants of the top of the GOP hill trying to fend off radicals calling them sell-outs who can’t deliver for the base.

This is the crux of the issue. Last spring I said the Trump phenomenon was a product of what I termed ‘nonsense debt‘. Republicans had spent years pumping their voters up on increasingly extreme and nonsensical claims and promises. This worked very well for winning elections. But it had also built up a debt that eventually had to be repaid. Concretely, they were making claims and promises that were either factually ridiculous, politically unviable or unacceptable to a broad swath of the voting public. Eventually, you get elected and need to produce. By definition that’s never really possible: both because the claims and promises are nonsensical and unviable but also because a politics based on reclamation, revenge, and impulse is almost impossible to satisfy through normal legislative politics.

Two Republican Elephants in Civil War uniforms fighting each other as a Civil War monument.  The pedestal reads,

Image via Job’s Anger.

The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Read about the study at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

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Misrepresentational twits.

Lies and Lying Liars 0

Paul Krugman explains lies have a way of catching up with liars, with the loathsome Graham-Cassidy bill being just one example. A nugget:

So how did Republicans come up with something that bad, and how did that bad thing get so close to becoming law? Indeed, it still has a chance of being enacted despite John McCain’s “no.”

The answer is that Republicans have spent years routinely lying for the sake of political advantage. And now — not just on health care, but across the board — they are trapped by their own lies, forced into trying to enact policies they know won’t work.

Follow the link for the complete article.

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Reality Bites 0

Two Trump supporters swirling around in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  One says,

Via Job’s Anger.

“Look into My Eyes” 0

Frame One:  EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt saying ,

Via Juanita Jean.

It Walks Again by Night 0

Of course, there is no such thing as as “Alt-Left’ movement. The fictional Alt-Left is nothing more than the Neo-Nazi white right looking in a mirror and seeing its image in reverse.

Ship of Fools 0

Image of populace under a deluge boarding an ark named

Click for the original image.

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