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Pervasive Perfidy 0

Sarah Huckabee Sanders answers a question about Trump's use of the n-word, saying,

All the News that Throws a Fit 0

Display window of electronics store.  Donald Trump saying,

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How Stuff Works, Gut Out the Vote Dept. 0

Thom and Greg Palast discuss the mechanics of voter suppression, focusing primarily on Florida and Kansas.

The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Stimulus–>Response 0

Robert Epstein, former Editor-in-Chief at Psychology Today among many other accomplishments, offers a construct for understanding why Donald Trump does and says what he does and says. The concept is “sympathetic audience control”; it does not refer to the individual’s controlling the audience, but rather to the audience’s affecting the individual.

Everyone, of course, is affected by this to some degree. We behave differently at the in-laws than at the neighborhood watering hole, differently in church than at a party or in a business meeting.

Epstein suggests that Trump manifests an extreme version of sympathetic audience control.

I find this completely consistent with Trump’s behavior as observed and reported daily; follow the link to determine whether or not you find his argument persuasive.

Here’s a bit (emphasis added):

Sympathetic audience control and a small time window produce most of the odd cognitive glitches. Moment to moment, Trump either sees a foe and shoots, or he sees a friend and is influenced. In that kind of perceptual world, Trump inevitably shifts his views frequently and has no trouble denying what he said yesterday. All that’s real to him is what friends or foes are saying inside those small time windows. All else is fuzzy, and that’s why he can so easily tell so many lies. From his perspective, lying has no meaning. Only reacting has meaning. Trump reacts.


In a similar vein, Dick Polman mourns the death of truth.

A Spicy Publication 0

Farron is not impressed with Sean Spicer’s new book. (Unfortunately for Farron, he makes an egregious error in his rant. Can you spot it?)

(Typo fixed.)

Bale Out 0

Clouds of Witless 0

Donald Trump at podium, surrounded by clouds of speech balloons all saying

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Stray Thought 0

I’m still unsure what I feel about the propriety of the Red Hen Restaurant’s owner’s decision not to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders. As the pearl-clutching has demonstrated, it provides right-wingers another opportunity to pretend that they have been victimized in some way when called to task for their misdeeds.

Nevertheless, I am certain of this:

If a baker can legally refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple, a restaurateur most certainly can legally refuse to serve a liar.

Gay is not a choice. Lying is.

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The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Thom talks with Greg Palast about Palast’s efforts to expose the workings of the “voter purge” scam.

The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Kris Kobach komes a kropper.

How Do You Know that Donald Trump Is Lying? 0

Jay Bookman answers, His mouth is open.”

Nor Any Drop To Drink 0

Thom interviews a reporter who thinks the decision to approve the water Flint, Michigan, to be questionable, especially as lead water lines are still in place.

The Trumper-Go-Round 0

Paul Waldman looks at the spin cycle. A snippet (emphasis added):

No matter what ludicrous charge Trump makes, the entire political system reacts as though it might be true. If tomorrow the president said that “Robert Mueller” never existed and the person claiming to be him is actually Nancy Pelosi in elaborate makeup, we’d all find ourselves debating whether Mueller is a real person while House Republicans angrily demand that he produce a DNA sample.


These are lies. They’re not “unconfirmed,” they’re not “misstatements,” and they’re not “exaggerations.” They’re lies. They should have been greeted with headlines reading, “President Trump lies to public about Russia investigation”

Follow the link for the numerous examples he was able to cite in one short article.

Trumping Up the Charges 0

Jay Bookman discusses the serial mendacity of Devin Nunes. A nugget:

But if Nunes is not too bright or ethical, he is certainly diligent. That fake scandal was quickly followed by another, this time over the so-called Nunes memo. In that memo, the California congressman claimed to have compiled classified information proving the existence of an anti-Trump cabal within the FBI that had abused its powers in investigating the president. Once again, the conservative noise machine revved itself up; once again, Trump joined the fray, clearing the way to have the Nunes memo declassified and telling aides that it would prove his claim of a witch hunt against him.

Yet when the ballyhooed memo was made public, it too proved to be nonsense . . . .

Both Sides Don’t 0

Thom talks to a caller who equates George Soros with the Koch Brothers. Thom explains why that bird won’t fly, then explores the darker aspect of Republicans’ Soros fetish.

(Misplet wrod corrceted.)

Huh? 0

Title:  Why Trump's Lawyers Don't Want Him To Testify before Mueller.  Image:  Robert Mueller holding up his right hand saying,

Via Job’s Anger.

The Art of the Con 0

Farron tries to figure out Republicans’ loyalty to Donald Trump.

Dis Coarse Discourse 0

Republican pundit wants a free pass for Republican lies.


Does no one understand what “beg the question” means any more?


The Republican Race Card 0