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Now for a Little Eye Candy 0

Another photo from my brother in Virginia’s Northern Neck.

Hawk in tree

Flight 0

Pictures from my brother in Virginia’s Northern Neck.

Bluebird on branch

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Basking Cat 0

Cat basking in sunlight from window.

Of course, if there were a basking robin in the yard, he’d be bob-bob-bobbin’.

Jammin’ 0

The one cat is fascinated by the printer (the other cat doesn’t give a damn, but he loves him his grocery bags). Whenever printing is going on, she’s there.

Cat watching printer output.

Shortly after this picture was taken, she stepped on the output tray so as to read the output or whatever the heck she thought she was going to do and caused a paper jam.

Sack of Trouble 1

Cat peaking out from grocery bag

Shhhh! Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I’m Hunting Rodent 0

Cat crouched and staring through window at gray squirrel on deck.

Mouser 0

Cat watching computer mouse pointer

A Drift in Winter 0

Large snowdrift in front of building

Not Helping 0

Cat sitting in front of computer monitor


Don’t let the cat near your touchscreen. It will not end well.

Life in the Cattery 0

The kittens love to play with bendy straws.

Indeed, the living room has become a straw-buried field.

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Sleepy Time 0

Two cats sleeping on top of  cat tower.

Taking It Easy 0

Another picture from my brother on Virginia’s Northern Neck.

Box Turtle

We would frequently see these at Pine View Farm and, from time to time, would capture one, then always let it go.

Rainbow 0

This rainbow appeared this morning, quite literally out of the blue.

The sky was mostly sunny with some cumulonimbus clouds. There had been no rain. I was off for a bike ride, but I grabbed a picture before I left. It’s not a great picture, but who does that stop any more?


Some Butterflies 0

Some more pictures from our visit to the Gardens by the Sea.


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Some Roses 0

When we were at the Gardens by the Sea, the red roses looked a bit bedraggled, but the yellow and pink ones were resplendent.

Rose with bee

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Labor Day Doings 0

We went to the Gardens by the Sea.

Bee on flower

There will be more pictures when I get a chance to edit them.

All a-Flutter 4

I believe that this is a viceroy butterfly.

Viceroy butterfly

Click for a larger image.

Wasp 0

wasp on flower

Renard 0

Another picture from my brother in Virginia’s Northern Neck:


In Flight 0

Some more pictures from my brother in Virginia’s Northern Neck:

Eagle in flight

Eagle in flight