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NFL Gamey Day 0

“The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Delete” 0

It would appear that the International Olympic Committee has given up all pretense of being about anything other than mammon. Bob Molinaro reports:

Another sign of the coming Apocalypse comes from organizers of the 2024 Paris Olympics who are considering the inclusion of eSports – video gaming – as a competitive event.

Gluttony Games 0

Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire, observes:

There are few things phonier than media insisting that hot dog eating contests – like the Coney Island July 4th Nathan’s gorge-fest – are a sport. The notion is too hard to swallow.

Barnum Was an Optimist 0

He thought that there was only one born every minute. Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire, reports (emphasis in the original):

Cha-ching: The Chicago Cubs have crossed the fine line between rewarding fans and exploiting them. After collecting 2,016 falling leaves from Wrigley Field’s famous ivy-covered walls following their World Series victory, the Cubs packaged them individually for season-ticket holders at a price of $200 each, plus $15 shipping. Caveat emptor and all that. But how much money is enough for a franchise like that?

Football uber Alles 0

Signe comments on the NFL Draft’s invasion of Philadelphia this past weekend.

Frame One:  Finally, a religion that unites people of every race, background, and political belief.

Click for the original image.

Honest to Pete, from all the hullabaloo, you’d think football mattered.

Football uber Alles 0

For once, football’s “winning is the only thing” invisible plastic shield proved vulnerable.

Get out of Jail free cardGraham B. Spanier, the former Pennsylvania State University president once considered one of the nation’s most prominent college leaders, was convicted Friday of endangering children by failing to act on signs that Jerry Sandusky was a serial sex predator.

After nearly 12 hours of deliberation, a Dauphin County jury of seven women and five men found Spanier guilty of a misdemeanor count of endangerment. He was acquitted of a second endangerment count, as well as a felony conspiracy charge.

That it’s a misdemeanor is irrelevant. That it’s a conviction is everything.

Meanwhile, in related news of “Get Out of Jail Free” cards . . . .

“If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” 2

Sportswriter extraordinaire Bog Molinaro comments:

The Big Ten basketball tournament is in Washington, D.C., the ACC tournament in Brooklyn, N.Y. This is what happens when our schools de-emphasize the teaching of geography.

Fantasy Alt-Football 0

This is good for a snicker.

(You can stop listening at about the minute and a half mark; the rest is promo.)

The Wages of Failure 0

Big-time sports leaves Gina Barreca scratching her head. A snippet:

. . . I feel about sports the way that Dorothy Parker felt about skiing: “Skiing is very difficult and none of my business.” Big sports is none of my business.

So you can imagine how I felt when I learned that the football coach at my university was recently awarded $3.4 million when it was decided he was no longer right for the job. My first thought was to compare this coach to Marla Maples, who married Donald Trump and gave birth to a Trump child. Ms. Maples was reportedly paid as much as $2 million when her relationship terminated. It seems to me that with a $3.4 million payout, the football coach didn’t get severance; he got alimony. And he didn’t even have to go through labor.

As my two or three regular readers may recall, I got fed up with the corruption of big-time football and stopped paying attention to it several years ago (and please note, I do not allege that the players are corrupt, no it’s not them, not at all).

I will tell you something, well, two somethings. After a very short while, you don’t miss it, and it’s amazing how many wonderful things you can find to do on a weekend afternoon when you’re not glued to the tube watching large men run into each other at high speed.

What It Was, Was Football 0

No, this article is not about the NFL or the NCAA.

But it easily could be.

Dis Coarse Discourse 0

Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire, contributes two example of dis coarse discourse in today’s column (emphasis in the original).

Groan-ups: Regarding Harbaugh, there’s a difference between a coach speaking out against perceived injustices to his team and a grown man throwing a public hissy fit. We’re learning that in today’s climate – sports and political – there’s nothing too embarrassing for the internet and Twitter audience. But there are still some of us who would like to hang on to the old-school principle that says leaders who preach discipline should practice it.


Name game: My friend Mike added up all the Thanksgiving week men’s basketball tournaments that carried the grandiose title of “Classic.” The total came to 19. They included the Gildan Charleston Classic, Outrigger Hotels Rainbow Classic and High Point University Classic. Words just don’t mean what they used to.

Frankly, I doubt the coarseness of the discourse is any greater than ever. What’s changed is that there is no escape from the stupid, for there are no longer any filters either from or for it.


You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy Molinaro’s writing. He often says in a sentence what others fail to say in a page. Follow the link and sign up for the RSS feed.

You’ll be glad you did.

Student Athletes 0

Yeah, right.

Sportswriter extraordinaire Bob Molinaro highlights the hypocrisy of big time college sports.

In the first 20 days of the season, Tom Izzo’s Michigan State basketball team will have traveled 13,000 miles for games, including trips to Honolulu, New York City, the Bahamas and Durham, N.C. What about this itinerary, most of it programmed by TV for the benefit of TV, suggests that Michigan State’s players are supposed to be students, too, not members of a money-making barnstorming troupe? Looking at Michigan State’s far-flung schedule – and those of other programs – how can anybody buy into the pretense that the college’s No. 1 goal is to provide the athletes with a proper education?

Football uber Alles 0

Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire:

Futurewatch: To satisfy its TV partners, the Big Ten will play Friday night football games starting next season. On a positive note, Michigan and Penn State have declared that they want no part of it. Presumably, they can reject the new TV plan because big-time programs are entitled to throw their weight around. In this case, more power to them. Weeknight games create logistical nightmares for fans; Friday games impact high school football. College football at its best is an all-day Saturday affair. Leave weeknight games to the lesser conferences and needier programs.

I am sick of football. I am no longer fascinated by large men running into each other.

My local rag covers high school games the way it used to cover college games, college games the way it used to cover the pros, and the pros like it’s the only game in town. Honest to Pete, during the wind-up of the regular baseball season when nary a football game had yet been played, stories about what might happen were a football game to be played overwhelmed the coverage of actual other games that had been played.

Full Disclosure:

When I was in high school, I was the statistician for my high school football team. After each home game, I would call my local rag, that same local rag, with the results of the game. I know what the coverage was like. I was there.

Like Sanduskies Through the Hourglass, These Are the Knaves of Our Lives 0

Penn State has to pay for protecting a pederast.

In case you wonder why I no longer pay attention to college football, follow the link for one example.

I can no longer ignore the corruption. Like Crabby Appleton, it is rotten to the core.

Sucklers at the Public Teat 0

The National Football League.

Football uber Alles (Updated) 0

From Bob Molinaro, sports writer extraordinaire:

Never say never: The absolute certainty with which some in the media argue that Art Briles, the disgraced and insufficiently apologetic former Baylor coach, will never get another big-time head coaching job is laughable. This is college football we’re talking about.

Addendum, the Next Morning:

Rice wasn’t nice.

No Place To Hide 0

Read those permissions carefully, folks. If they think they can get away with it, they will try to get away with it.

The Golden State Warriors have been sued by a bunch of fans who claim the basketball team’s mobile app is eavesdropping on them.

The suit [PDF], filed with the Northern California District Court this week, alleges that the Android and iOS versions of the Golden State Warriors App can track and record audio from the handset’s microphone without user notification or permission.

According to the complaint, the app, developed by Signal360, can potentially wirelessly detect so-called beacons in stores to work where you’ve been shopping, and can potentially use the handset’s microphone to pick up signals within the audio of TV adverts, music and broadcasts that are inaudible to the human ear in order to serve them targeting advertisements.

There Are None So Blind as Those Who Will Not Look,
Sit with Colin Kaepernick Dept.

At Psychology Today Blogs, Sam Louie looks at the kerfuffle about Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem at a blanking football game for Pete’s sake. A nugget:

Get out of Jail free cardJust like the racial divide facing our country, opinions on his behavior also broke along racial lines.

This from WTHR-TV Sportscaster Bob Kravitz in Indianapolis:

“I found it interesting, but completely understandable, that when I posed the Kaepernick question on Twitter, the responses broke along racial lines.

From whites: “If you don’t like America, go somewhere else. Leave. We’ll help you pack.”

As a white folk who has associated mostly with white folks but thank heavens not entirely because that’s how America works, I can state quite confidently that white folks don’t get it.

I try to get it, but I know I don’t not really but I promise to keep trying.

But, Christallmighty, as long as cops who kill black persons for being have an automatic “Get Out of Jail Free” card, there is no “liberty and justice for all” and the “American Dream” remains a farce and a con.

I’ll stop now, for all I have left is profanity.

Football uber Alles, the Prevent Defense Dept. 0

Get out of Jail free card

Play college football. Doing so gives you magical powers to prevent prosecution.


It’s not that I think they should necessarily be prosecuted, but it’s Louisiana, folks. What do you think would be happening to them if they were just two random black kids from down the street?

Mulligan, Virginia: A Variation on the Stadium Scam 0

The small city of Buena Vista, out on the other side of the state, thought a new shiny municipal golf course would solve all its problems. It didn’t, so the city took a drop.

But the golf course struggled financially, and the recession made things worse for the city. Under a deal worked out in 2011, the city was allowed to make half payments for the next five years, with the unpaid balance to be added to the end of the bonds’ lifespan.

Then, in December 2014, the city council voted to stop making payments, which left ACA (ACA Financial Guaranty Corp–ed.) holding the bag.

Try just stop paying your taxes. By the by, ACA is suing.


I have a suspicion that, until the editor got hold of it, the last sentence of the excerpt above included the word “golf” before the word “bag.” If it didn’t, it should have.