The discussion does not accept the poll’s result uncritically, but does dig into the methodology and possible flaws in the poll.

Representative Steve King (Racist--Iowa) pushing baby stroller containing characiture of Pepe the Frog wearing a baby's knit cap and labeled

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There’s nothing new about new about rebranding–“old wine in new bottles” is a cliche, but cliches become cliches because they express a truth succinctly. “Alt-Right” for “white supremacist” is a rebranding effort. The rebranders hope that you will forget that behind the shiny new label is the hate bottled from the same cesspool they’ve been swimming in for centuries.

At Above the Law, Elie Mystal excoriates another contemporary attempt to rebrand bigotry, A snippet:

Again, the Trump Administration is learning that courts are not so easily fooled. When you campaign on a “Muslim Ban,” promise a “Muslim Ban,” and then issue an order that is in effect a “Muslim Ban,” changing its name at the last minute doesn’t work.

This might come as a shock to the Witch King of bankruptcy, but “Rebranding” doesn’t work either. Not in front of a judge. You can stick a funnel on a horse and call it a unicorn, Mr. Trump, but you can’t make it s**t rainbows. You’re dealing with educated people now, not just fleecing yokels anymore.

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Perhaps you heard about the cop who tried to roust an Uber driver who refused to get out his car when ordered and who recorded the incident to boot; the driver turned out to be a Not Black lawyer. Here’s bit from the story as reported in the Raleigh News and Observer:

A Wilmington (North Carolina–ed.) police officer was caught on camera telling an Uber driver that it’s against the law to record police.

There is no such law.

Now comes Barry Sanders a-wondering:

Can you imagine, though, if Jesse Bright had been named Jamal Bright or Daquan Bright or Hector Gonzalez Bright and had asserted his right to keep filming, and then on top of everything else had refused to get out of the car?

Follow the link for his answer.

The Girl Guides (that’s “Girl Scouts” in USAn) of Canada have had enough of Trump and Republican “mean for the sake of mean.”

The Girl Guides of Canada have slapped a ban “until further notice” on travel to the United States, on grounds of being sure that no girl is barred at the U.S. border and left behind.

The ban does not mention the latest Executive Order by President Trump barring travel to “the States” by citizens of six predominantly Muslim countries, and imposing a 120-day moratorium on accepting Syrian refugees.

“While the United States is a frequent destination for Guiding trips, the ability of all our members to equally enter this country is currently uncertain,” GGC executives Sharron Callahan and Holly Thompson said in an advisory Monday afternoon.

More at the link.

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King of the twits.

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Elie Mystal argues that Donald Trump brings out the worst in people.

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Farron Cousins translates Jason Chavetz:

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Leonard Pitts, Jr., shreds Ben Carson’s referring to America’s African chattel slaves as “immigrants.” A nugget:

But the slaves were no more “immigrants” than rape is making love.

Read the rest.

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Elie Mystal applauds the Supreme Court’s decision to look behind closed doors.

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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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A bit of good news.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday instructed a lower court to reconsider its finding that race was not the dominant factor in drawing 11 General Assembly districts, opening the door to a new political map that could reshape the Republican-controlled state legislature.

It was a seven to one decision.

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Above the Law discusses life with a do-nothing.

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Reconstruction deconstruction.

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Really, it does (as any Jeep buyer knows). Douglas van Praet explains. Here’s a snippet:

“The insular cortex is a part of the brain that processes feelings from the body,” said Sarah Gimbel, a co-author of the study. “We know from other research that it’s important for emotion and emotional salience — like how emotionally important something is to you. The fact that we saw increased activation in this region … shows us when we feel threatened or anxious or emotional that we’re less likely to change our minds about these strongly held beliefs.”

Donald Trump tapped into a growing community of angry voters by riding a groundswell of anti-government disdain and anti-immigrant anxiety never before seen in American politics. . . .

It should come as no surprise then that Donald Trump had run the most effective campaign, despite a long list of false facts or questionable truths. This may also explain Trump’s tendency to ignore or embellish the facts to mold reality, however far-fetched, to his purpose at hand.

Elsewhere, Francis Wilkinson points out how hate-full imagery Trumps reality.

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White guy wearing

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As a Southern Boy, from when I first became aware, I have watched as racists rewrite history so as to blame the victimized for being victims. Hell, from my first lessons in Virginia history in elementary school in the 1950’s, where the arrival of the first African slaves at Jamestown in 1619 was taught as part of “the Red Letter Year,” I was subjected to such rewritten racist propaganda–it was only later that I started to winnow out the lies (a process which, by the by, continues).

Consequently, I can say from first-hand experience that this is nothing new.

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Via Raw Story.