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America’s Original Sin 0

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, you can’t make this stuff up.

Words fail me.

Immunty Impunity 0

Get out of Jail free card

Elie Mystal reflects on the murder of Philando Castile.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

Hate joins the parade:

The organizers of the Fremont Solstice Parade said they would clarify their rules about what art is welcome at the event after a racist puppet made an appearance at this year’s parade on Saturday.

The puppet, which was spotted along the parade route, portrayed a woman in blackface caricature. Its presence generated disappointment and anger from many in attendance.

Follow the link for a photo. The “costume” is truly grotesque.

Agenda 0

Thom and his guest explore the history and goals of the radical right. Listen up.

Part One:

Part Two:

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

A noose was found Saturday on the Mall, at least the third in that area in recent weeks.

The noose was found hanging from a lamppost near the National Gallery of Art, said Sgt. Anna Rose, the spokeswoman for the U.S. Park Police.

Words fail me.

“One Nation, under God” 0

In The Guardian, Daniel José Camacho explores the intertwining of Christianity, racism, and right-wing politics in the United States. A snippet:

Condemning white supremacy and the alt-right movement shouldn’t be hard. But the Southern Baptist Convention – the nation’s largest Protestant denomination– had its doubts about whether to do so this week.

During the annual meeting, they initially declined to pass a resolution doing just that. Chaos ensued at the denomination’s annual meeting and a firestorm of criticism quickly followed. Delegates eventually passed a modified version of the resolution – originally drafted by one of its black pastors – but the damage had been done.

It would be a mistake to interpret this fiasco simply as a misstep. The Southern Baptist Convention’s reluctance to condemn racism is not only true to its history but it reflects how white supremacy is built into the very DNA of American Christianity.

Follow the link to see why he said that.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

Trumpling a nation of immigrants.

Prosecutors charged a 55-year-old man with a hate crime last week after a May incident in which three men claimed they were threatened at a Bellevue gas station due to their perceived ethnicity and religion.

Court documents indicate Kenneth Sjarpe initiated a shouting match with a trio of relatives, using racial slurs, telling them to get out of the country, and threatening to shoot them.

The Supremes 0

At The Roanoke Times, Keisha Graziadei-Shup offers a thoughtful meditation on the origins and fostering of feelings of supremacy, white or otherwise. A snippet:

Are some people good and others bad? Is it a faulty gene? Is it like a germ that we sniff up accidentally and some are immune because we got a college education or were raised properly? Is it a result of childhood trauma?

Do I think evil is in everyone else but me?

The reality may be too horrible for most of us to face.

Second Amendment Delusions 0

Thom cuts through the contemporary rationales used by gun nuts and their sycophants and explains the historical origins of the Second Amendment.

Still Rising Again after All These Years . . . 0

. . . and still rewriting history.

Flint-Hearted 0

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

This is your country on Trump.

A 15-year-old California high school student discovered a shocking picture of herself with a noose drawn around her neck posted in a chemistry chat room for Palidsades Charter High school.

“Oh, my god, it’s me being lynched,” Aina Adewunmi told CBSLA. “Looking at an image of yourself like that hurts.”

Aina is new to Palisades, having just transferred to the charter school back in January. She said she’s mostly felt welcomed and accepted by students there, but three boys in particular started to use racial slurs.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

Real Big Men.

A Southeast Portland (Oregon–ed.) middle schooler was harassed at a bus stop Thursday by men who shouted racial slurs at him, including the N-word, officials say.

In a note to parents, Hosford Middle School Principal Kristyn Westphal said the boy, who is a person of color, was “accosted” at a bus stop near Southeast Division Street and 28th Place.

Other students witnessed the incident, Westphal wrote, and a police report was filed soon after.

The story goes on to report that racist posters had been posted in the neighborhood earlier in the day.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

The SPLC reports the noose:

As the Trump administration settles into its fifth month in the White House, hate-fueled acts of intimidation and harassment have increased in the public domain. Since the day after the 2016 presidential election through March 31, the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented 1,863 bias incidents. Of these, 292, or 15.67%, were anti-black motivated incidents. One of the most pervasive manifestations of these happenings is the display of nooses.

Follow the link for the round-up.

“Strange Fruit” 0

Warning: Graphic images from the past America pretends did not exist..

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

LeBron James’s home gets tagged with the n-word:

“This is kind of killing me inside right now,” he said. The “this” James was referring to was that he was not at home to comfort his children over the racial slur that, the police said Wednesday, was painted on the front gates of a Los Angeles-area home that James owns.

Several hours after the episode was disclosed, James discussed it at what became a frank and emotional news conference in Oakland at Oracle Arena, the home of the Warriors. James said the vandalism illustrated the difficulties black people faced in America.

It does not matter to the racist how accomplished a Not White person becomes. The racist will always feel superior.

Feeling superior when you got nothing to feel superior about is at the heart of racism.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

A noose was found Wednesday in a public gallery at the National Museum of African American History and Culture museum, the second such incident on Smithsonian grounds in less than a week, officials said.

David Skorton, secretary of the Smithsonian, said in an email announcement that he had to share “deeply disturbing news” that the rope was found in an public exhibition space Wednesday afternoon. It was in the Segregation Gallery on the second floor of the history galleries.

According to the story, another noose was found at the Hirschhorn last week.

Words fail me.

The Old Normal 0

Solomon Jones wrtes about the recent killings in Portland, Oregon, in which two men were knifed to death as they tried to protect to teenagers from a ranting racist. Jones points out that there is a question forever unasked about such events in the United States:

The second more troubling fact is this. White supremacists such as Christian who engage in terroristic acts don’t face the same question posed when the perpetrator is a religious minority or a person of color.

Who radicalized him?

You can follow the link for his answer.

Mine is that (the existence of) racism and racists is so common in the U. S. that no explanation is needed.

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Elie Mystal wonders why persons and the press aren’t noticing. A snippet:

The Trump administration ALREADY has a worse record on civil rights than anybody since Woodrow Wilson. But because the president doesn’t tweet about it, and because his most famous bigoted policy — the Muslim ban — has so far been stymied by the courts, people act like Trump’s been net-neutral on race.

Well, some white people act like that, at least. I’ve actually been asked the question “what has Trump done that’s so bad on race” (by white people, of course). Not dumb, Trump-voting, “I have a problem with Japanese people wining a race on Memorial Day” white people. But by educated whites who seem to just not notice (or care?) that the chief law enforcement officer in the country is trying to use his office to fight a race war against urban communities.

If there is a federal policy that protects minorities from people like Trump’s dad, Trump is going to try to dismantle it. I think that’s worthy of attention, regardless of whether Trump is colluding with Russia to stamp out civil rights in this country.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

Racism appears to be okay again, just like it was when I was a young ‘un.

Now police are searching for the driver of a pickup that witnesses say intentionally ran over Kramer and his 19-year-old friend, Harvey Anderson, during a confrontation at the campground off Donkey Creek Road early Saturday.

Both victims are members of the Quinault Indian Nation, which fears the deadly crime may have been racially motivated: Witnesses said the driver could be heard shouting racial slurs, the tribe contends.