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Thom cuts to the chase.

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Bucket list.

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A sporting twit.

In a related piece . . . .

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Farron points out that the Republican Party is reaping what it sowed.

And it is endangering all of us.

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Will Bunch minces no words in describing Donald Trump’s policy towards immigrants, at least, towards immigrants who aren’t from Norway. A nugget:

Is it fair to use a harsh term like “ethnic cleansing” — which many Americans associate with the brutal and often deadly policies of despots like Serbia’s war criminals of the 1990s — to talk about what’s happening right here, right now?

The United Nations defines ethnic cleansing as “rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove from a given area persons of another ethnic or religious group.” It’s hard to look at the big picture of Trump’s policies on refugees and harsh immigration enforcement and not conclude the goal is to make America more ethnically homogeneous.

In a harsh, realpolitick sense, Trump’s policies may be the only last-gasp long-term survival policy for his Republican Party, which has shown itself each election cycle to be increasing older and more white even as it’s held onto Congress and regained the White House. But immigration brutality is also the policy most guaranteed to earn the continued political gratitude of the conservative base that elected him.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

A Tune for Trumpled Times 0

A Whiter Shade of Pale.

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The Roanoke Times explores how the Commonwealth of Virginia slanted textbooks to whitewash–you will pardon the expression–slavery. A snippet:

Come 1950, though, Virginia’s political oligarchs — the so-called “Byrd Machine” of U.S. Sen. Harry F. Byrd – saw signs of change on the horizon, and signs of change meant signs of trouble. Most alarmingly, the federal government under President Harry Truman was starting to promote civil rights, which threatened to undermine the fundamental tenet of Southern politics.

Springston’s story says: “Lawmakers thought that requiring schoolteachers to promote the Byrd organization’s view of history would set students straight and keep teachers from spreading socialist or communist ideas.” Ironically, that’s no different than what the Bolsheviks did when they instituted communism in the Soviet Union — they taught students a different version of history.


On the website Politichicks, Eichelman writes: “One former commission member admitted to me that the goal of the seventh grade book was to ‘make every seventh-grader aspire to the colonnaded mansion; and if he can’t get there, make him happy in the cabin.’

These were the textbooks I had when I was in school. I realized by the time I graduated high school that they were–er–slanted (perhaps that’s why I chose to get my degree in history with a focus on U. S. Southern–as a rebellion against the attempt to indoctrinate me in bigotry).

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Title:  Trump's Willing Child Abusers.  Image:  Children in cage as heavily armed ICE officer says,

Click for the original image.

On the Beach 0

My local rag looks back to a time in the recent past, when black folks weren’t allowed on a beach. Here’s a bit; follow the for the rest, and, all the while, remember that there are those amongst us who would happily return to recreate those times.

Around 1905, African American businessman Lem Bright built shelters for bathers on his land near Little Willoughby Bay and Mason’s Creek. It became known as “Lem Bright’s Place” or “Little Bay Beach” and was immensely popular. During one event, more than 2,500 crammed onto the three-acre lot.


A year later, most of Bright’s beach buildings were consumed in a mysterious fire. The Guide reported that it was likely set by disgruntled whites. The story also said the arsonists were probably among those who appeared at a zoning meeting and shut down African Americans’ requests to rebuild.

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Tony Norman asks you to use your imagination. An excerpt:

What do you think would happen if thousands of Swedes tried to cross over from the Canadian / Washington State border so that they could join their Nordic brethren in Seattle and Tacoma and in big Midwestern American cities like Minneapolis?

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ICE officer holding screaming child, holding a pen, and saying,

Via Job’s Anger.

Trumpling a Promise (Updated) 1

Field comments; follow the link for the full post:

The brilliance of trump’s play to our darker angels is that it locks in –and focuses– on the 35% of people who support him no matter what. As long as he can keep them happy by throwing red meat to his base in the form of racism , sexism, and all other kinds of isms, he will be fine. This is the new republican party. It is now trump’s party.


Shaun Muller adds commentary.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Tricke-Down Trumpery 0

Trumpled on the Fourth of July.

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Psychologists Rosalind Barnett and Caryl Rivers consider the likely psychological effects of the party of mean for the sake of mean’s sadistic policy of ripping children from their parents. They discuss three in particular:

  • The first whammy: Learned helplessness.
  • The second whammy: Lack of attachment.
  • The Third Whammy: Mistrust over Trust.

Follow the link for a detailed discussion of each one.

Tales of the Trumpling: Snapshots of Trickle-Down Trumpery 0

Smoked trumpling.

American Heritage 0

Tony Norman reminds us that the past is not even past.

Suffer the Children 0

Trumpling the Fourth of July 0

Child in cage watching Fourth of July fireworks in distance.

Via Job’s Anger.