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Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Mike Pence and monumental stupidity:

From the “Party of Lincoln” to the “Party of Stinkin'” 0

As I’ve noted several times, today’s Republican Party is the creation and the legacy of Richard Nixon. Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” his decision to woo bigots and racists during his second campaign drew them into the party and they have no commandeered it.

Leonard Pitts, Jr., sums it up; here’s a bit:

But without question, the most repugnant contribution to this new dawn of white supremacy comes from the Republican Party.


Its machinations have delivered to the GOP the presidency and both houses of Congress. Yet seldom has a party controlled so much and looked so bad doing it. Republicans find themselves saddled with an incompetent president elected on an implicit promise to make America white again. Under him, they are able to accomplish exactly nothing. They cringe as he suggests moral equivalence between bigots and those who protest them. As if all that were not bad enough, a newly revived hate movement now arrives, looking to cash in its chits.

Facebook Frolics 0

Secessionist frolics.

“Look in the Mirror, Boy,” Reprise 0

Der Spiegle devotes another editorial to Donald Trump, and this one is a barn-burner. I find this telling sentence:

A president who relativizes Nazi violence and who knowingly and intentionally seeks to show solidarity with the right-wing fringe is a national disgrace.

Follow the link for the rest of the sentences.

Southern Twistory, Reprise 0

Werner Herzog’s Bear takes down the talking point that removing memorials to American traitors is somehow “destroying history.” (History can be misinterpreted, reinterpreted, explored, even forgotten, but it cannot be destroyed, for its fruits are all around us.) Here’s a nugget (emphasis in the original):

Confederate monuments created a white supremacist usable past.Other people have written about this, but it bears repeating: the vast majority of Civil War monuments in the South were built during the height of Jim Crow. They were not immediate responses to the war. They are also intended to push a certain interpretation of the war, the “Lost Cause.” This narrative essentially said that the white South was the superior side fighting for a just cause, and only lost due to the material superiority of the Union. These monuments defended the old slaveocracy at a time when lynchings and other incidents of racial violence were accelerating. By being erected after Reconstruction and during Jim Crow, they are not mourning a defeat in the Civil War, but actually celebrating the victory of white supremacy in its aftermath. Context matters.

Southern Twistory 0

In The Roanoke Times, Halford Ryan explodes the myths that neo-Confederates and apologists for the South’s rebellion to preserve slavery tell themselves. Here’s one; follow the link for more:

The hoary defense of hearth and home is counterfeit. President Davis’ CSA was the aggressor (the Secesh fired on Fort Sumter in April–ed.). As for Virginia, her voters adopted an Ordinance of Secession on May 23, 1861. On July 21, 1861, Federal troops initially invaded Virginia at the First Battle of Bull Run. By that time, Virginia had already seceded and had already joined a Confederacy that had already waged war on the Union. Only by an abuse of logic and language can neo-Confederates claim that the War Between the States was a defensive war. But, neo-Confederates still fan the flames for that fake fact.

Facebook Frolics 0

Secessionist frolics.

And, in more news of frolickers . . . .

None Dare Call It Treason . . . 0

. . . but it was.

Translating Trumpery 0

Dick Polman tries to make sense of the language of Trumpery.

No excerpt or summary can do his article justice. Just read it.

Republican “Southern Strategy” 0

Republican Elephant balanced on top of the poiint of a Klansmant hood saying,

Via Job’s Anger.

Funding the Party of the New Secesh 0

Silence Speaks 0

Frame One:  Sign saying,

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In related news, Josh Marshall points out that

His (Trump’s–ed.) neo-nazi supporters are truly over the moon that he’s steadfastly refusing to criticize them, even in the face of withering criticism and derision. They get the message. They’re ecstatic. Everyone who doesn’t see this, see that it is intentional, is getting played for chumps.

The Shafts and the Spears 0

Elie Mystal explains the dangers of the enablers of evil, those self-styled “intellectuals” and pundits who provide the rationales for hatred and bigotry. A snippet:

The violent people are just the tip of the spear: painful, but largely ineffectual without the speed and power generated by the trash intellectuals who make up the seemingly benign shaft.

The law can confiscate and incarcerate all the spear points in the world, but it’s powerless to do anything about the shafts. The shafts are protected, not by the Second Amendment, but by the First. And the white supremacists hiding in plain sight know that and celebrate that and dare you to challenge them. When you do, they slither up their Free Speech crosses and claim the “high ground.”

Deconstruction 0

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tony Norman argues that the upcoming HBO series, Confederate, has morphed from a what-if to a documentary. He maintains that current events make it clear that the South won the war.

I must quibble. The South did indeed lose the war.

The South won the peace with the deconstruction of Reconstruction and with the deployment of the myth (today it would be called a “P. R. campaign”) of the nobility of the Lost Cause.

The One Face of “Many Sides” 0

Title:  Trump Condemns the

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Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., argues that one factor contributing to yesterday’s racist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, was our society’s inability to be honest about racism. A snippet:

Indeed, as the moral authority of the Civil Rights Movement recedes deeper into memory, as cable news and social media offer new platforms and broad reach to voices of acrimony and hate and as facts become “facts” become untruths become lies and too few of us seem to notice or care, the intellectual dishonesty surrounding race has become starker, more brazen and more creative than we have seen in years.

Like when people say that talking about racism is racism.

Or when they babble pious inanities like “racism goes both ways” and “all lives matter.”

Nor have news media always brought clarity. It was pundits, after all, who kept ascribing Donald Trump’s rise to “economic anxiety” even as his followers were yelling racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs with unbridled glee. And leave us not forget how media have allowed the folks who brought such chaos to Charlottesville to brand themselves under a banal-sounding new euphemism — the “alt-right” — as if they were not the same bunch of mouth-breathing, lowlife racists they always were.

The New Party of the Old Confederacy 0

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Bree Newsome makes a convincing argument that, even though they lost the war, the Secesh won the peace.

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Elie Mystal comments on Attorney-General Sessions’s latest strategy to foster racism and bigotry. A snippet:

The cynicism at the heart of the Trump administration’s war against sanctuary cities is so naked that people have stopped pointing it out. The core conceit is that local police make their own cities less safe by refusing to report immigration status when they are busy trying to make their cities safe. In response, the administration proposes to cut off funding FOR POLICE, until they comply with the federal government’s bigotry.

It’s like saying “the races shouldn’t swim together, so I’m going to pull the lifeguards until all the non-segregated pools are forced to close down.” Even if you agreed with the disgusting point, making everybody less safe is the worst possible way to force everybody backwards.

The Court Is in Sessions 0

If the facts don’t agree with your prejudices, just make stuff up.