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Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Respect: a Study in Contrasts 0

Frame One, titled

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Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Paul Krugman discusses how the legacy of slavery still taints the United States, using the Virginia gubernatorial race as a springboard. A snippet (emphasis added):

Here’s how that might happen: Ed Gillespie, the GOP candidate, is trying to pull off an upset by going full-on Trumpist, doing all he can — with assistance from the tweeter in chief — to mobilize the white nationalist vote. He’s accusing Ralph Northam, his Democratic opponent, of dishonoring the state’s Confederate heroes. (Funny how people who accuse their rivals of being unpatriotic worship men who engaged in armed rebellion against the United States.) He’s not only accused Northam of being soft on illegal immigration, but he’s insinuated that this somehow makes him an ally of a violent Central American gang.


As a Virginian who is subjected to Gillespie’s campaign commercials, I can attest that they are truly vile and duplicitous.

None Dare Call It Treason 0

Picture of US and Confederate flags with caption:  The people who carried this flag (the Stars and Bars) shot and killed the people who carried this flag (the Stars and Stripes).

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Myth Makers 0

In my local rag, Roger Chesley looks at the text books used in Virginia schools around the beginning of the Twentieth Century and at how they promoted the lie of the “Lost Cause.”

Read it.

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., marvels at the kerfuffle over Jemele Hill’s tweets pointing out–nothing new here–that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. A snippet:

But ESPN’s response (ESPN reprimanded Hill–ed.) was mild compared to the White House’s rebuke. Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders pronounced Hill’s tweets “a fireable offense.”

Really? Well, if Hill deserves firing for calling Trump a white supremacist, then what does he get for actually being one?

Follow the link for his answer to that question.

Nixon’s Southern Strategy Comes to Fruition 0

Moon bearing the Stars and Bars eclipses sun bearing U. S. Presidential Seal.

Via Job’s Anger.

Statues of Limitations 0

One more time, when you hear persons speak nostalgically of “the Lost Cause,” consider what exactly was the cause that was lost.

Statue of Limitations, Reprise 0

Daniel Ruth addresses the current kerfuffle in Tampa about a local Confederate secessionist monument. A snippet:

That (controversy) would be, of course, Memoria In Aeterna, which is Latin for “Slaves? What slaves?” the Confederate monument honoring treason, racism and revisionist history that has been polluting public land in front of the old Hillsborough County Courthouse on Pierce Street.

Do please read the rest.

Statue of Limitations 0

Title:  The Baltic States, 1991.  Image:  Citizens pulling down statue of Lenin as bystander says,

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Selfie-Incrimination 0

No selfie-awareness whatsoever.

Facebook Frolics 0

He couldn’t help it because he’s a cowboy frolics.

Still Rising Again after All These Years, Courage of Their Conniptions Dept. 0

Two Texans in a pick-up with a big

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Benediction 0

Statues of Confederate officers and soldier, plus Stone Mountain, all labeled

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Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Neo-Conderate sobbing at the base of a Confederate stutue as Heather Heyer's grave lies ignored in the background.

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Watch the video.

For what it’s worth, my mother was born and grew up in York County, South Carolina.

But she knew how to conduct herself in public.

Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

Mike Pence and monumental stupidity:

From the “Party of Lincoln” to the “Party of Stinkin'” 0

As I’ve noted several times, today’s Republican Party is the creation and the legacy of Richard Nixon. Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” his decision to woo bigots and racists during his second campaign drew them into the party and they have no commandeered it.

Leonard Pitts, Jr., sums it up; here’s a bit:

But without question, the most repugnant contribution to this new dawn of white supremacy comes from the Republican Party.


Its machinations have delivered to the GOP the presidency and both houses of Congress. Yet seldom has a party controlled so much and looked so bad doing it. Republicans find themselves saddled with an incompetent president elected on an implicit promise to make America white again. Under him, they are able to accomplish exactly nothing. They cringe as he suggests moral equivalence between bigots and those who protest them. As if all that were not bad enough, a newly revived hate movement now arrives, looking to cash in its chits.

Facebook Frolics 0

Secessionist frolics.

“Look in the Mirror, Boy,” Reprise 0

Der Spiegle devotes another editorial to Donald Trump, and this one is a barn-burner. I find this telling sentence:

A president who relativizes Nazi violence and who knowingly and intentionally seeks to show solidarity with the right-wing fringe is a national disgrace.

Follow the link for the rest of the sentences.