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Josh Marshall marvels at Trump’s threats to Trumple the govenment. A snippet:

Before they become notorious reputational debacles, Gingrich was quite clear about what he was doing. He would shut the government down, break President Bill Clinton’s will with the pressure and bend Clinton to his will and policy dictation. There were two shutdowns under Clinton and the Republican Congress. There was one under President Obama in 2013 and a debt ceiling crisis in 2011 which wasn’t a shutdown but had the same legislative hostage taking dynamics. The one recurring pattern is that shutdowns happen in the context of divided government. To be more specific, they happen when there is a Democratic President and Republicans in control of one or two houses of Congress. It simply never occurred to anyone before now that there would be a shutdown crisis when one party had unified control of the entire government still less that a President whose party controlled Congress would threaten to shut the government down to extort policy concessions from a party that controls nothing.

This looks for all the world that the Republican Party is ready to secede, if not de jure, then certainly de facto.

More at the link.

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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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(Post fixed.)

From the land of gracious living: Deneen Brown writes of two historians who are trying to compile a complete listing of ads still extant for runaway slaves in the ante bellum South.

Ad for runaway slave promising reward to the captor.

Click to see the article with more examples of gracious living.

A web search for “runaway slaves ads” will turn up a number of sites with actual historical facts that the New Secesh want to pretend don’t exist.


I must have broken this post when I was troubleshooting the sidebar issue.

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Title:  The Definition of Irony.  Image:Man in pickup with Confederate flag on tailgate shouts at woman holding

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The discussion does not accept the poll’s result uncritically, but does dig into the methodology and possible flaws in the poll.

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One more time, when you hear or see persons glorify the “Lost Cause,” ask them to explain precisely just what exactly was the cause that was lost.

A dollar to a doughnut you won’t get a straight answer.

Stray Thought, Going Rogue Dept. 0

The uncomfortable truth–the one that no one dares to talk about–is that the United States of America has Trumpled its way to becoming a rogue nation.

The next stop is pariah.

Frankly, if things continue on the course of the past week, I’d not be surprised if civilized nations begin to impose sanctions on the Trumpled States of America within the next six months.

Distressed and depressed. Not surprised.

Stop the madness now.

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Cordell Faulk visits the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture. A snippet (follow the link for the rest):

I knew I’d see shackles in the new Smithsonian museum; I was prepared for that. I wasn’t ready for the little ones.

Right there, in all their blunt starkness — above chains used for adults — was a set of shackles used to restrain children during the passage from Africa to the New World. They were just very, very small — unspeakably small. . . .

One more time: When you hear persons lament the “Lost Cause,” ask them this: “What, precisely, was the Cause that was Lost?”

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Honest to Pete, you can’t make this stuff up.

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Jeff Sessions in full Confederate uniform enters hearing room as bystand says,

Image via Job’s Anger.

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Writing at The Roanoke Times, Halford Ryan wonders what would be the results were the Sons of Confederate Veterans and similar groups admit to themselves, as well as to others, what the Confederate Battle Ensign, to which they vow such fealty, stood for. (Oh, they know all right. They know also that admitting that they know would be really bad PR.)

In a related story, Badtux muses on how the South never stopped rising again.

Playing the Race Card 0

Thom discusses how the Republican Party chose to become the party of the New Secesh. It happened a long time ago, folks.

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Henry A. Giroux sees a dark future of reaction and repression in the United States. Here’s snippet:

In increasingly overt ways, racism is becoming the major ideological force for establishing terror as a weapon of governance. Not only did Trump make “law and order” a central motif of his presidential campaign, he also amplified its meaning in his attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement and his depiction of Black neighborhoods as cauldrons of criminal behavior.

The repressive racial state is certain to intensify and expand under Jeff Sessions — a strong advocate of mass incarceration and the death penalty, and a white nationalist spokesman for the Old South. The Nation’s Ari Berman observes that Sessions is “the fiercest opponent in the Senate of immigration reform, a centerpiece of Trump’s agenda, and has a long history of opposition to civil rights, dating back to his days as a US Attorney in Alabama in the 1980s.”

Sessions has a long history of racist rhetoric, insults and practices, including opposing the Voting Rights Act and addressing a Black lawyer as “boy.”

Much, much more at the link.

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In a column that starts out in a rather silly way, Josh Gohlke winds to an important point: the Electoral College is a legacy of America’s original sin of chattel slavery. A nugget:

It seems the college has acquired a degree of unearned veneration despite its tainted origins, which tie it to an even more abhorrent constitutional chimera, the compromise that allowed the Southern states to count each slave as three-fifths of a person for the purposes of congressional representation. Because each state gets as many electoral votes as members of Congress, the college enabled the future Confederacy to derive power from its enslaved population in presidential elections.

Now that legacy is about to pay off for the Secesh.

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Patrick Rael points out what should be obvious.

The problem is, the bigots have always believed they are just as American as everyone else. And why not? They’re right.

Read the rest.

The Second Deconstruction? 0

Werner Herzog’s Bear.

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John Romano considers an incident in a Florida school and looks for some hope.

The incident.

It’s as if it were born of another era. Of a darker, more sinister America. A time when white privilege was handed down like a birthright, and hate-filled language seemed frightfully apropos.

And yet there it was this month on the wall of a girl’s bathroom at an Orlando-area high school. It warned blacks to start picking out their slave numbers and was gleefully punctuated by “KKK 4 lyfe.”

Below it, in larger letters, was a final thought:

“Go Trump 2016.”

Follow the link and decide whether he found any hope.

Under New Management 0

White House behind a wall with rewritten sign;:

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