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Just the Vaxx, Ma’am, Reprise 0

The stupid. It burns.


The Climates They Are a-Changing 0

Learn more about the events Farron refers to.


Factors in Fabulism 0

In a long piece at Psychology Today Blogs, Joe Pierre attempts to understand anti-vaxxers. Here’s a bit:

In addition to conspiracy-based mistrust, Matthew Motta and his colleagues explored whether the Dunning-Kruger Effect — whereby those with the lowest levels of actual knowledge tend to have the greatest degree of overconfidence regarding self-rated expertise — might figure into anti-vaccination beliefs.15 Administering a survey to 1310 US adults, they found that over a third of respondents believed they knew as much or more about the causes of autism than doctors and scientists and that such overconfidence was highest when respondents demonstrated low levels of actual knowledge and higher levels of misinformation about the relationship between autism and vaccines.

I commend the article to your attention.


I think it may help in understanding the Trumpettes, as well.


Anti-Faxx 0

Woman towing child and carrying a banner that reads,

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(Broken link fixed.)


Facebook Frolics 0

Anti-vax frolics.


Drowned Out 0

Caption:  U. S. Intelligence (Image:  Men carrying report on security threats to Donald Trump.)  Caption:  U. S. Stupidity (Image:  Donald Trump with his fingers in his ears saying

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Florida’s Fantasy Realm 0


David Delves into the Dinar Dodge 0

Normally, I would not post something like this.

But I know first-hand someone who buys into this sort of stuff (and you probably do too)–someone who should know better, but will believe obscure Youtube videos and web sites on the back roads and woodland paths of the inner webs before he would believe the handwriting on the wall, even if he himself had seen the moving finger having writ it.


Twits on Twitter 0

Schoolhouse twits.


Purists on Parade 0

Shorter Dick Polman: The perfect is the enemy of the good.


At this point, I pay no attention to who wants the Democratic nomination for President.

But my disdain for the “I agree with 90% of your positions but once you said something that hurt my fee-fees so I’m taking my vote and going home” crowd remains undiluted.

Also, any Democratic nominee is certain to be better than every Republican nominee, regardless of his or her flaws.

Vote in the real world, for Pete’s sake.


Those Who Disdain History Are Condemned To Rewrite It 0

For example.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


Petty Arseny 0

Shorter Donald Trump: I’ll take your ball and go home.


Parks and Wreck 0

The San Francisco Chronicle looks at the Trumpling of the national parks. A snippet:

Deciding against a full closure of the parks appears to be an effort to avoid the public outcry that greeted that 2013 shutdown, suggested Jon Jarvis, a former National Park Service director and currently the executive director of UC Berkeley’s Institute for Parks, People, and Diversity. . . .

But that 2013 shutdown, he said, was “a stewardship act”: Without employees on duty to manage and provide stewardship, the parks would be vulnerable. “I think we’re actually seeing that play out now,” he added.

Wildlife has been dining on garbage that normally would be collected and secure — a wildlife buffet that contributed to the decision to close Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and raised dangers of human-bear encounters at parks from Yosemite in California to Big Bend in Texas.

Much more disturbing stuff at the link.


Phoning It In 0

All you folks who just had babies, remember, in just 13 years, you will have a teenager.

An Ohio teenager called 911 Saturday to accuse her father of theft after he took away her cell phone as a disciplinary measure, cops report.


Facebook Frolics 0

Gullibles’ Travails.


The Uncertainty Principle 0

Writing at the Bangor Daily News, Gordon L. Weil explains. A nugget:

The biggest problem facing the U.S. is not immigration, health care or a trade war.

It is uncertainty.


The source of the uncertainty is President Trump.

Follow the link for his rationale.


Unsealed Team 0

And it’s just going to get worse, folks.


Twits on Twitter 0

Elie Mystal points out that Twitter is basically a fact-free zone and pretty much everybody knows it.


Punk’d in the Pocketbook 0

You may have heard about the Payless Shoe chain’s “Palessi” prank, in which Payless invented a tony ersatz brand, “Paylessi,” and gulled folks with more money than sense into paying hundreds of dollars for $20 shoes.

At Psychology Today Blogs, Utpal Dholakia draws three lessons from this. Here they are; follow the link for a detailed discussion of the Paylessi prank and of each of these items.

  • We should be skeptical of recommendations given by influencers and so-called experts.
  • We should treat brands like wrapping paper on a Christmas present, not the present itself.
  • When making a purchase decision, we should pay attention to the product features that really matter.

Read more »


Twits on Twitter 0

The twit less followed . . . .

A quibble. Facebook purges nothing on its ownsome. Once you have been assimilated by the Zuckerborg, the Zuckerborg does not easily let you go.

You can deactivate an account and remove it from public view, but deleting it is much more complicated.