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A Gaggle of Gullible 0

Raw Story reports; follow the link for more.

Americans were easily suckered by Russian propaganda in the 2016 election, allowing themselves to be duped by trolls much more frequently than Europeans, reports the Daily Beast in a new piece that analyzes how the output of Kremlin troll farms was received.

The Russian propaganda was “nine times more effective than its disinformation in Russian,” the report says, because Russians are smarter about identifying it.

Americans will believe stuff they read on Facebook and Twitter when they wouldn’t believe the same stuff if they watched the hand of God descend from the sky to write it on a stone tablet with His own finger.

We are a society of stupid.


The View from Afar 0

What Noz said.


Squirreled Away 0

The support animal craze just got weirder.


White-Wash 0

Honest to Betsy, you can’t make this stuff up.


Doctors without Boundaries 0

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Fly the Fiendly Skies 0

Unchecked baggage.


The March of Progress 0

Or not.

Schools in the United Kingdom are beginning to remove analog clocks from the classroom — because students are complaining that they can’t read them, reports say.

Officials have begun replacing the traditional clocks with digital ones as children have been unable to tell the correct time on analog clocks, The Telegraph reports.

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Facebook Frolics 0

The pothole posse.


Lead Poisoning 0

A couple buys a home and discovers that automobile battery casings have been used in the fill for the property.*

Automobile batteries contain lead.

Now they are stuck with their own little hazardous waste dump, one they can’t sell, don’t want to use, and for which they can’t get help for a clean-up.

I really don’t have anything constructive or creative or clever to say about this, other than that it’s just too despicable for words.


*One suspects that this is recycling that Scott Pruitt would find laudatory.


Nor Any Drop To Drink 0

Dry gulch.


Twits on Twitter 0

Twits who fly the fiendly skies.


Try a Low-Fad Diet 0

Title:  Beyond the Paleo.  Frame One:  Find modern life emasculating?   Try a pseudo-scientific diet (Image of caveman growling,

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Apocalypse Not 0

According to investigators, Deemie was under the influence of narcotics on February 17 when he became convinced that a zombie invasion was nigh. Deemie is accused of breaking into the home of a neighbor, Larhonda Gonzalez, around 3 AM and stealing the keys to her Ford Escape.

Deemie then drove the stolen SUV to the Peoria airport, where he sought to crash into the terminal. He then somehow bypassed security and got aboard an empty plane parked on the tarmac.

We are a society of stupid.


Devolution 0

Image of Egyptian hieroglyphics paired with image of emoticons.  Caption:  4,000 years later and we are back to the same language.

Via PoliticalProf.


Men Are Pigs 0

Online oinkers.


Newspeak 0

We have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

According to a new report by the Washington Post, analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were told on Thursday that there were certain words that couldn’t be used on official documents that were being prepared for the agency’s budget next year.

    The forbidden words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

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Who Ya Gonna Call? 0

Honest to Betsy, you can’t make this stuff up!


Vile 0

Words fail me.


Great Moments in Spell Check 0

From today’s local rag:

Copy of print newspaper showing "mechanizations" improperly used for "machinations."

It’s also in the online version as I write this:

That was true under President George W. Bush, who used a national emergency to throw a veil of secrecy over his administration’s mechanizations.

What kind of machinations, one wonders, will be required to correct this error.

(By the by, the local rag has been rolling out some excellent editorials lately. The Editorial Board clearly finds the antics of the current federal administration to be concerning.)


“Social Media” Isn’t 0

The second paragraph in a story in today’s local rag states:

Linda has asked that her last name not be used for fear of harassment on social media.