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Dover and Intelligent Design 0

I mentioned “intelligent design” the other day. My son asked me what it was. I replied, “Creationism in sheep’s clothing.”

Apparently, the testimony at the trial in Dover, Pa., is bearing me out:

Two plaintiffs supported testimony by earlier witnesses who said that two board members showed religious intent in promoting the policy in the period leading up to the October 2004 adoption of the policy.

Christy Rehm of Dover said William Buckingham made references to the country being “founded on Christianity.”


Plaintiff Julie Smith of York said she became alarmed when her 10th-grade daughter came home from school last year and said: “Evolution is a lie. What kind of Christian are you?”

She said she asked her daughter why she had said that, and her daughter responded that as a Christian, she could not believe in evolution.

Follow the link to read the complete story.

(Aside: Personally, I’m a Christian. And the God I choose to believe in would not sprinkle the world with fossils, carbon-14 dating, and other evidence of the great age and marvelous history of this universe as some kind of foolish test of belief that the world was created in October, 4004 B. C.

(Faith is the evidence of things unseen, not the rejection of things seen.)


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