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It Has To Be Here Somewhere 0

I never threw away or sold a book in college. I majored in history and took enough sociology to have a second major, if my college had granted them (which it didn’t at that time).

(No doubt, that, plus 24 years on the railroad, is what prepared me for my present career training persons in how to install and use enterprise-level industrial-strength security software and, when I’m not working on training stuff, providing telephone technical support for my company’s applications.)

Consequently, the books I was required to read were usually pretty interesting and well-worth keeping (I read somewhere, any book worth reading once is worth reading twice–that’s certainly true for anything by Rex Stout). Granted, anything by Emile Durkheim or Max Weber was pretty heavy slogging, but the end result was well worth wading through the snowdrifts of their reasoning.

This book I’m looking for is worth reading twice. It’s time to read it again, for history is repeating itself.

I know that book is somewhere. It must be up in the attic in one of those boxes. I’ll have to go looking for it this weekend, when I have enough time to dig through dusty boxes in the attic.

In the meantime, you can read about it here.

And consider why it has become relevant again.


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