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My Little Gas Price Survey, 9/24/2005 0

I haven’t messed about with checking gas prices for several days, because they have remained fairly stable.

Nevertheless, I drove to Pine View Farm yesterday, to take care of some family business and visit my mother in the home. I tracked the gas prices on my drive down. I started at Wilmington, Delaware, and ended up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Along the way, I passed through the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I returned along a different route through Maryland and lower Delaware.

In Delaware, gas prices were in the mostly in the high two dollar range, but with a wide variation. Prices in Maryland were the lowest I saw; Virginia prices tended to be in between Delaware and Maryland prices.

These prices were sampled along US 13.

Shell, North Wilmington, Del,. $2.99. (This station is just inside the city line and tends to be higher than suburban stations.)

New Castle, Del., two Wawas, Sunoco, Hess, Citgo, $2.79; BP, $2.89; Shell, $2.94; Exxon, $2.82.

Red Lion, Dell, Valero, $2.95; BP, $2.89.

South Dover, Del., two Valeros, $2.75.

Woodside, Del., BP, Valero, and Exxon, $2.79.

Felton, Del., Shell, $2.79; Mobile, $2.84.

Harrington, Del., BP, $2.86; Valero and Citgo, $2.75; Sunoco, $2.84.

Greenwood, Del., Valero, $2.73.

Bridgeville, Del., BP, $2.79; Valero and Royal Farms, $2.73.

Seaford, Del., Exxon, $2.75; Tru Blu, Royal Farms, $2.73.

Laurel, Del., Royal Farms, $2.73; Citgo, $2.79; Sunoco, $2.85.

Delmar, Md., Shell and Mobile, $2.69.

North Salisbury, Md., Wawa and Exxon, $2.69; Chevron, $2.71; Shell, $2.74.

Fruitland, Md., Valero, $2.69; Shell, $2.74.

Princess Anne, Md., Shell, $2.75; Exxon, $2.79;

Pocomoke, Md., Sunoco and Citgo, $2.79.

On the Eastern Shore of Virginia, all but a handfull of stations were charging $2.75. The exceptions were:

A no name at T’s Corner was charging $2.85.

Stuckey’s in Mappsville, $2.73.

Keller, Valero and Chevron, $2.74.

Belle Haven Station, Valero, $2.74.

Exmore, Chevron, $2.74.

A no-name at Wierwood, Va., $2.76.

Along US 113 in Maryland and Delaware:

Newark, Md. (yes, there is one), $2.69.

Shelbyville, Del., Exxon, $2.84; BP, $2.99; Shell, $2.89.

Frankford, Del., Mystik, $2.95; Amoco, $2.83; Royal Farms, $2.73.

Millsboro, Del., BP, $2.89 at one, $2.99 at the other.

Georgetown, Del., Exxon, $2.85; Shell, $2.94.

Ellendale, Del., Exxon and Citgo, $2.85.

Milford, Del., Royal Farms, $2.79; Shell, $2.94; two Valero, $2.85 and $2.87; Mobile and Shell, $2.97.

Frederica, Del., Valero, $2.79.


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