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Writer’s Block 0

I’m working on troubleshooting algorithms (that is, flowcharts) for some of the products my company produces. My mind screamed to a halt today. When I can’t write, I read, and I found a bunch of interesting stuff.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is falling off the edge of Political Correctness. Now, mind you, when someone says, “You’re being politically correct,” my first reaction is wonder what kind of bigotry he or she is trying to hide. As far as I am concerned, much of what is attacked as “politically correct” is common ordinary politeness: One does not do in public what one knows will offend someone. End of story. But this is off the wall.

Pandagon picks apart an “Abstinence Only” campaign.

On the Huffington Post, Sam Harris looks at suicide bombings and concludes that

there is a direct link between the doctrine of Islam and Muslim terrorism.

Meanwhile, at Beliefnet, Jesse Kornbluth looks at Mr. Bush, Christianity, and world, in his post, Naked to Our Enemies (Thanks, Mr. President!).

At the Washington Post (my favorite paper, probably because I still miss living in the Washington area), Emily Messner tries to separate fact from fiction in the Harriet Miers situation, while George Will takes a look at a GOP Presidential hopeful who has no hopes for the nomination, but who does has a cause and, it appears, a sense of humor.

Also, at the Post, Sebastian Malloy considers science, DDT, and the current Federal Administration. In a larger context, much of what he says about the current Federal Administration applies to U. S. society as whole and its quest for some kind of protected life in a bubble with no danger, no risk, and perfect protection.

Alternet has another take, in fact two takes, on the current Federal Administration and science.

Blinq has a mediation on the new traffic report abbreviation for the Sure Kill Schuylkill Expressway

There was, of course, much more. But these were the highlights of my writer’s block.


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