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Dover, Intelligent Design, and Dishonesty 0

In between taking support calls at work today, I read Judge Jones’s opinion the case of TAMMY KITZMILLER, et al. v. DOVER AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT, et al.

It is a tightly worded opinion, written in plain language, and amply supported with precedent.

What I found most remarkable about it is the stern language the Judge reserved for the testimony of the defendants. For example:

(Cast of characters: The nine members of the Board in 2004 were Alan Bonsell, William Buckingham, Sheila Harkins, Jane Cleaver, Heather Geesey, Angie Yingling, Noel Wenrich, Jeff Brown, and Casey Brown. Bonsell and Buckingham were prime movers in the attempt to introduce Creationism into the Dover curriculum.)

Throughout the trial and in various submissions to the Court, Defendants vigorously argue that the reading of the statement is not “teaching” ID but instead is merely “making students aware of it.” In fact, one consistency among the Dover School Board members’ testimony, which was marked by selective memories and outright lies under oath, as will be discussed in more detail below, is that they did not think they needed to be knowledgeable about ID because it was not being taught to the students. (Footnote, page 46)

It is notable, and in fact incredible that Bonsell disclaimed any interest in creationism during his testimony, despite the admission by his counsel in Defendants’ opening statement that Bonsell had such an interest. (Text, page 97)

Finally, although Buckingham, Bonsell, and other defense witnesses denied the reports in the news media and contradicted the great weight of the evidence about what transpired at the June 2004 Board meetings, the record reflects that these witnesses either testified inconsistently, or lied outright under oath on several occasions, and are accordingly not credible on these points. (Text, page 105)

Model Christians.



Since the voters of Dover turned them out in the last election, I am certain Karl Rove can find a place for them in his publicity machine. They are his kind of people.

Liars and hypocrites whose actions cannot stand the light of day.

You can find the link to download the opinion here.


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