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No Doubt Now We’ll Hear a Bunch of Claptrap about Activist Judges (Update) 0

but the judge was not the activist.

The schoolboard that was determined to impose its religious view on the the school population, regardless of the beliefs of the students and their parents was the activist.

And “Intelligent Design” is not science. It’s faith.

It is not right for any one faith to use the power of the state to propogate its views. That is what the establishment of religion clause in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is all about.

The Dover Area School District’s policy on intelligent design is unconstitutional, a federal judge has ruled. U.S. Middle District Judge John E. Jones also ruled that intelligent design is unscientific and a variation of creationism — a major setback for proponents of the intelligent design movement.

Update, 12/21/05:

Read the opinion here. It is solidly put together.


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