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When I was younger, so much younger than today, the “natural look” for women’s hair and make-up came into style. The natural look meant, natch, that a woman spent hours trying to look not made up.

In clothing, it meant clothing that moved. (Ever watch an old episode of Perry Mason? Check one out: Della Street turns her head to say something to Perry and nothing else moves.)

Well, it’s baaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Though keeping with the tone of our times, it’s apparently now called the “nude” look. (Natural is soooooooooooo 60s, I guess.)

Here is a description of the labors involved in a lady’s preparing herself for the “nude” make-up look:

One key to the nude look is the use of blush, Engle said. Choose one that picks up the undertones in your skin. If it matches an article of clothing, that’s a plus.

Apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks, which gives you a flushed, just-finished-exercising look and relieves some of the blandness.

For eyes, green is out. Blues, pearls and lavenders are in for evening wear, but for daytime, focus on tans, browns, yellows, even peaches. Pinks should be more rosy. African American women might want to add a smudge of white shimmer just under the eyebrows. Engle said eyebrows are thicker than in years past.

Eyelashes are important. But we shouldn’t add mascara loaded with glitter – that’s so New Year’s 2005. The idea is to curl and add volumizing product for thickness. Louis Christian Wayne Roberts, a Cherry Hill salon, this month began offering eyelash extensions. They start at $150 (Editor’s note: There’s one born every minute) and last for three months.

Lips are the easiest part of all. Basically, stop using the lip-liner and high-gloss combination. Instead, think sheer and frosty and go with anything rose: That’s the number-one shade this season.

As my ex would say, “Jeez oh man!”


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