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The Phony War on Christmas on Radio Times 0

The guest on Radio Times today went so far as to label Bill O’Reilly’s phony war on Christmas a fraud, as opposed to an honest, though mistaken, point of view.

Here’s the description:

Is there a war on Christmas? Some conservatives think that retailers have gone too far by replacing the words “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays.” They claim that Christians are under attack by businesses and the media. ALAN WOLFE, director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life joins us to talk about it.

One of the callers suggested that one reason the those rightwingers who are so worked about Christmas, evolution, and the like, are in such a state because they are suffering their own crisis of faith: that their anger, which is obviously real and deep, and their desire to have Christianity become a de facto, if not de jure Established Church, proceeds from their own fear that their faith may not be strong enough.

I don’t have a position on that, but it was certainly an interesting take on the issue.

The show is well worth a listen, if only to hear the question discussed in a civil and courteous manner.

(12/30/05–The link now points to the RealAudio archive of the show.)


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