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How To Get Your Job Back 2

Be part of the Bush sideshow.

Some of you may remember this:

The Energy Department will begin laying off researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the next week or two because of cuts to its budget.

Well, the layoffs seem to be over:

President Bush visited a major energy research laboratory yesterday to promote his administration’s new campaign to develop alternatives to U.S. reliance on oil – an appearance that inadvertently spotlighted funding problems for such programs.

Before Bush’s stop, it took some quick changes to federal spending plans to undo a job cutback at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that he was visiting – staff reductions that would have undercut the message Bush was promoting.

The shameless hypocrital posturing of the current Federal Administration defies superlatives.

I’m glad these folks got their jobs back. Hope they will still have them once the cameras leave.



  1. Karen

    February 22, 2006 at 8:03 am

    Since we live less than 10 miles from the NREL, I spent the time G-P was here doing something productive. Doing laundry, & listening to a friend tell me about her latest visit to her gynecologist! We won’t know for a while is the rehire is permanent. I’m telling you, it was a photo op for G-P!!!

  2. Frank

    February 22, 2006 at 6:25 pm

    Yeah. Well. This is a presidency of photo-ops.

    Words fail me.