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Last Day, First Day 0

I mentioned earlier that my division has been spun off.

Since the sale, we have still been in the old place. I’ve been going to work along the same route I’ve followed for almost eight years, sitting at the same desk, logging into the same domain, doing the same job, answering the same phone. All that has changed is the company name I cite when answering the phone.

We are moving this weekend. Come Monday, I will be doing the same job, but in a different location. No doubt, that’s when the change will really sink in.

Today was weird. I work in Support. Support does not close. Everyone else was at the new building unpacking stuff, but support was still answering the phone at the old place.

At the end, there was just Dave and me manning the phones. We had one computer between us to do computer stuff, four empty cubicles, and lots of dust bunnies that somehow turned up during packing. It was like working in a ghost town, and we were the ghosts.

Monday, we will be answering the phones with the same words. In my case (we get to pick our own greetings), it’s “[Company Name], Frank Bell, how may I help you?” But now it will be in a new place. Assuming we get everything working over the weekend.

It’s been a good run at my previous employer–it was a nice place to work, full of some of the most laid-back, friendliest persons one might hope to find in a workplace.

I will still be surrounded by laid-back, friendly persons, but there will be a lot fewer of them–from being a small part of a company of 10,000 or so persons, we have become a small company of 24 persons.


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