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The Big Bang 0

This seems to be flying under the radar: The current Federal Administration is planning to test a really big bomb.

Almost as big a bomb as the current Federal Administration

And it adds credence to Seymour Hersch’s research:

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) proposes to provide a test bed to be used by DTRA to conduct a single large scale, open air explosive detonation in Area 16 of the NTS. The proposed detonation, known as DIVINE STRAKE, would occur tentatively in mid 2006 above the existing U16b Tunnel Complex. DIVINE STRAKE would supply a relevant full scale simulation demonstration with a tunnel complex to create a post test underground environment sustaining light to severe damage.

The logical next step, in this portion of the HDBT program is the Proposed Action: a full scale test bed for final validation of the modeling effort. The explosive yield (700 tons (635 metric tons) of ANFO emulsion) was selected based on modeling predictions of the amount of ANFO that would be needed to cause the appropriate extent of damage to the underground facility, and on information gained from the small and intermediate scale tests. A larger amount of ANFO emulsion is not needed for the Proposed Action, and a smaller amount would not be adequate to significantly damage the full scale tunnel facility.

And what could be the purpose of this? To calculate how large a nuclear bomb would be needed to nuke underground complexes.

And what underground complexes might we be planning to nuke?

The current Federal Administration is dangerous.

It’s whacko dangerous, and it’s turning the United States of America into a rogue state.


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