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From El Reg:

The “Stupid Security” awards aims to highlight the absurdities of so-called security procedures that make little contribution to real security improvements. The international compo aims to unearth the world’s most pointless, intrusive, stupid and self-serving security measures.

I think this one makes the list. In fact, I just submitted it (follow the link above to see how to submit nominations to the contest).

Here’s part of the Local Rag said about this one today:

In its comment on the plan, the city’s Design Advocacy Group – design professionals who rally around good ideas for the urban landscape – nicely captured the incongruity. As the group’s Alan Greenberger wrote, “The sad irony of having to cage the place where American freedom was invented is more than we should all be willing to tolerate.”

And the suspicion remains that the plan is mostly about show and cost; less heavy-handed, but more expensive steps could provide equal security (understanding that no site like this in the middle of bustling, major city will ever be totally secure from threat).

The more you hear about the plan the worse it gets. The Park Service plans to convert much of the Supreme Court building – commonly known as Old City Hall – into a room where visitors are marched through metal detectors. That’s a disgrace. “Serious desecration” is the appropriate description given this plan by IMBARC, the Independence Mall Business and Residents Coalition.

This is the moment – five years after 9/11, with no credible threats to the historic brick structures or the Liberty Bell – to reassess notions about security around Independence Park.

Independence Hall.

Behind a fence.

To paraphrase Yogi Berra, it’s 1984 all over again.


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