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Beef with Bourbon Marinade 0

I made this up last night:


    3/4 lb. beef (top round or flank steak)
    1/2 tsp. salt
    pepper to taste
    garlic powder or pressed fresh garlic to taste
    1 cp. bourbon (may substitute Cabernet Sauvignon)
    1 tbs. Gourmet Garden Basil Herb Blend* or equivalent basil
    1 to 2 tbs flour.

Slice beef into thin (1/4″) strips and place in bowl or pan large enough to allow the beef to form one layer.

Prepare marinade: Mix salt, pepper, basil, garlic, and 1/2 cp. bourbon. Add enough water so that marinade will be sufficient to cover beef.

Pour marinade on beef and stir well to coat beef. Refrigerate, the longer the better. Turn beef halfway through.

When ready to cook, remove beef from refidgerator and reserve marinade.

Cook beef slowly in a skillet over low to medium heat (allow 10 to 15 mins., depending on degree of doneness desired), turning once.

Meanwhile, place reserved marinade in sauce pan and heat to simmer. Add remainder of bourbon and reduce. Taste and add additional seasonings as desired.

Thicken marinade with flour.

Place beef in serving dish and cover with marinade.

Serve with rice or lightly buttered (no margarine–margarine is evil) noodles.

Serves two.


*I would never buy anything like this, but it was in the house.


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