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My one or two regular readers may have noticed that the percentage of posts with political themes has diminished over the past couple of weeks–I have done a couple linking to analyses that I found interesting or enlightening, but nothing about the issues.

Anyone who hasn’t figured out the issues yet shouldn’t be voting.

(Aside: I am against “motor voter registration” for a related opinion–someone who can’t be bothered to go down the registrar’s office for an hour or two when he or she moves shouldn’t be voting. I guess some people would feel that, in place of a poll tax, I’m favoring an apathy tax. But, dammit, if you don’t care enough to register, you probably don’t care enough to vote intelligently. The apathy tax is one that the apathetic impose on themselves, and they deserve to pay it.)

Voting is neither a right nor a privilege.

It’s a duty.

I’m sick of the campaign and can’t wait for it to be done (with the good guys winning, I hope). The news is so saturated with the same old thing day after day, that it seems to me that any posts I might do will be deja vu all over again, since anyone who dips into my archives will quickly find out where my sympathies lie.

But one thing has certain held true during this election cycle. Bush continues to lie. Not spin, though he also can do a convincing imitation of a top. Just lie.

And we don’t need liars and their sycophants guiding our polity.

Do your duty. Vote. Inform that vote with morality, true American values, and truth.


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