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Goode Grief 0

Now that Senator George Allen (Embarassment of Virginia) is jobless, a fitting successor for the small-minded bigotry party is needed.

Fortunately, one has volunteered himself: Congressman Virgil Goode (rhymes with food) from Southside.

I will not spend my time demolishing the irrational hate-filled bigotry of his beliefs, which embarrass me, my home state, and anyone who knows aught of the history of the United States of America and its Constitution.

Professor Cole does that nicely here.

Virginia has given the United States of America some towering figures: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe. All in the past. Lately, Virginia has given us Pat Robertson (and his Daddy, J. Willis), George “Surfer Boy” Allen, and, now, Goode.

It’s so bad that Senator John Warner, once voted “Dumbest Senator,” (it was before teh internets, so I can’t find any links–heck, he may still have been married to Elizabeth “One Husband Is As Good As Another” Taylor at the time–but I read about it when it happened) now looks like a statesman.

I will say this: Mr. Goode proves that any idiot can gain elected office.

Then, again, maybe I’m wrong. He’s not just any idiot.

He’s a very special idiot.



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