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Taking Odds: Was the Pick-up Driver on a Cell Phone? 0

From the newspaper that would have a four-page front section if it weren’t for the Boscov’s ad:

A Minquadale Fire Company truck — with its lights and siren operating — was traveling south on U.S. 13 at McMullen Avenue, state police spokesman Sgt. Joshua Bushweller said.

As the truck neared the I-295 off ramp, a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck turned off of the highway and into the path of the firetruck.

(Actually, Boscov’s is a great store–possibly because it’s still family-owned. They are, I think, single-handedly keeping the Wilmington paper afloat. And the News-Journal is a Gannett newspaper, so it can’t help it–it’s from the company that brought you the MacDonald’s of newspapers.)


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