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Dick Polman on Scandal-Mongering 0

The Bushies have cornered the market.

On occasion, I receive emails from Bush fans who complain that I have not been giving “equal time” to “Democrat scandals,” now that the Democrats have been in power on Capitol Hill for…oh… two whole months. I understand their concern. But here’s the problem: Every time I start to look across the aisle at the blue team, that wacky Bush team (which, after all, has dominated Washington for the past six years) comes up with yet another new way to embarrass itself.

Follow the link for the full post. It’s a hoot. But I just had to quote this part, because it fingers something that was bothering me all day (emphasis added):

The Passive Voice defense. He (Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez–ed.) confessed that “mistakes were made here,” the usual form of words that is meant to suggest that maybe the mistakes sort of happened by themselves, that no actual human being had specifically made them. Republicans might be well advised to remember that this was the same form of words used by Ted Kennedy right after Chappaquiddick.


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