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From Newsday:

Officer Thomas Daley noticed Friday morning that the passenger wasn’t moving. The head was tilted at an odd angle, the face pressed against the side window.

So he pulled over the car and, as he approached it, his suspicions were confirmed.

Timothy Tietjen, 32, of Middle Island, was at the wheel, and beside him was a real dummy, seatbelt fastened.

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  1. Karen

    March 2, 2007 at 7:54 am

    The same thing happened here last fall. The driver had gotten stopped, & his dummy was a store display dummy he called “Tilly”. The judge got creative at his sentencing, though. He had to sell the dummy (he got $25,000.00 from the computer guy that sells the learning programs, that went to the ‘Alive at 25’ campaign) & he had to spend a week standing by the HOV lane he was caught in, holding up a sign. It said something to the effect that only a dummy would try what he did.