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Prologue: Senator Fred Thompson conducted himself with honor during the Watergate hearings and acts with (at least some) talent on Our Favorite Show.

Not too long ago, the big news was that Mrs. John Edwards’s cancer had returned.

After consultation with her (and it seems as clear as it can ever be to an outsider that the Edwardses love each other very much), Mr. Edwards decided to continue his campaign for president, with Mrs. Edwards’s explicit support.

And that waste of newsprint, Michael Smerconish, was all over the Edwardses like a bad suit, along with many of his wingnut compatriots.

I am waiting eagerly to see what he has to say about Senator Fred Thompson’s (as yet undeclared) candidacy in the light of today’s news. Will he suggest that Senator Thompson should chose to spend time with his family, rather than seek public office?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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