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I’ve mentioned Blackwater USA before–the secretive (not secret, just to be clear) outfit that, when questioned about its activities, claims that its behavior is more classified than anything the actual, real U. S. Military does.

Well, looks like their minions can’t drive:

The Air Force has dropped all charges against two officers involved in a road-rage incident with a Blackwater USA contractor in Afghanistan and has launched an investigation into the possibility of witness tampering in the case.

The decision will mean more scrutiny of a high-profile clash between the uniformed military and the growing force of private contractors on the battlefield.

Lt. Cols. Gary Brown and Christopher Hall could have faced a potentially career-ending court-martial over accusations that they rammed a vehicle driven by Blackwater contractor Jimmy Bergeron on a busy Kabul road Sept. 19 and that they assaulted and threatened Bergeron in a confrontation after the collision.Background: Wartime friction grows between private and uniformed forces

After a preliminary hearing in February, an Air Force investigating officer recommended that the charges be dropped, suggesting that Bergeron was the aggressor in the incident and citing evidence that someone might have tried to bribe Afghan security guards to testify falsely about it.

As far as I am concerned, we shouldn’t be contracting out our national defense.

It is difficult enough to ensure the loyalty of those whose paychecks are signed by Uncle Sugar. What reason have we to trust someone whose paychecks are signed by private individuals?


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  1. Karen

    April 7, 2007 at 8:38 am

    G-P is contracting out everything else, so why not defense? He’s not gonna let a little thing like them not knowing what they are doing, stop him.