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Traditional Republican Values 1

Lies and spin in the tradition of the Current Federal Administrator. From FactCheck dot org on Richard Guiliani’s clam to be the pied piper of adoptions:

That, however, doesn’t give an accurate impression of what happened. It is true that there were 66.5 percent more adoptions in his last six years than there were in the preceding six, but consider this: The following statements also are true, based on the official figures that both we and the Giuliani camp accept:

  • Adoptions more than doubled in the five years prior to Giuliani.
  • Adoptions had already increased by 257 percent in the seven years
    prior to creation of ACS, the agency Giuliani credits with increasing adoptions.
  • Adoptions initially peaked, then declined by 26 percent between
    the time ACS was created and the end of Giuliani’s tenure.
  • Adoptions declined in five of the mayor’s last six years.
  • Adoptions have continued to decline thereafter, and in the most recent fiscal year were half what they were when ACS was created.

We take no position on whether Giuliani or ACS had one iota of influence on adoptions, for good or bad. All sorts of influences come into play that have nothing to do with government. However, the very figures Giuliani is using show that adoptions were increasing long before ACS was created, and they also show adoptions started going downhill soon after. Giuliani’s cherry-picked time periods turn that fact on its head.

Betcha, I just betcha, he’d do the same thing to intelligence.


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  1. Karen

    May 8, 2007 at 11:41 am

    I’m just sitting back for the ride. It’s, the particular “spin” each candidate puts out, gonna get much worse as time passes.