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Overt Hypocrisy . . . 1

. . . gets tiresome after a while.

Bringing new meaning to the term, “Borked”:

Judge Robert Bork, one of the fathers of the modern judicial conservative movement whose nomination to the Supreme Court was rejected by the Senate, is seeking $1,000,000 in compensatory damages, plus punitive damages, after he slipped and fell at the Yale Club of New York City. Judge Bork was scheduled to give a speech at the club, but he fell when mounting the dais, and injured his head and left leg. He alleges that the Yale Club is liable for the $1m plus punitive damages because they “wantonly, willfully, and recklessly” failed to provide staging which he could climb safely.

Judge Bork has been a leading advocate of restricting plaintiffs’ ability to recover through tort law. In a 2002 article published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy–the official journal of the Federalist Society–Bork argued that frivolous claims and excessive punitive damage awards have caused the Constitution to evolve into a document which would allow Congress to enact tort reforms that would have been unconstitutional at the framing.

(Aside: The Yale Club. How Bush league.)

It does sort of seem to be a Republican thing, now doesn’t it? Democratic hypocrits, and, yes, there are some, at least have some shame. Except, possibly, for Congressman Jefferson.

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  1. Opie

    June 10, 2007 at 11:20 pm

    Jefferson? Oh yeah, the guy that Karl Rove planted $90,000 in his freezer and set him up.