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The Rats Desert the Sinking Ship 1

They’ve had enough of the lies.

But, remember, these are the same rats who followed the Pie-Eyed Piper into the abyss.

President George W. Bush’s Iraq war policy suffered a second blow in as many days on Tuesday when another senior senator from his Republican party publicly called for U.S. troop withdrawals.

A day after Indiana Republican Sen. Richard Lugar declared that Bush’s “surge” policy of adding troops was not working, Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio sent Bush a letter “expressing his belief that our nation must begin to develop a comprehensive plan for our gradual military disengagement from Iraq,” Voinovich’s office announced.

They have to stand for election again. They have realized that a platform of lies ultimately becomes a shakey pizza–whatever happened to Shakey’s Pizza platform indeed.

Ya know, the truth will catch up with malefactors eventually. It’s just that, sometimes, eventually can be a long, long time.


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  1. Karen

    June 27, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    The Republicans who stood with GB are all looking to get away from him as fast as they can. They know, since survival is instinctual (sp?)that they have to in order to have a chance at reelection.

    Shakey’s Pizza: Shakey’s has gone from 325 stores throughout the United States when Hunt International bought the company in 1974 to 62 stores as of 2006, 55 of them in California. There are only three stores east of the Mississippi River: Warner Robins, Georgia; and Janesville and West Allis, Wisconsin; and only four stores in the West outside California: Nogales, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, and two in suburban Seattle.

    The Springfield, Illinois, Shakey’s, formerly known as “The Largest Shakey’s in The Country,” recently ended its franchise agreement upon the announcement that Shakey’s will be converting all buffets to sit-down restaurants. Per Wikipedia.