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To my new server. It’s working.

I couldn’t face another cooling tower today, so I spent the day messing with MySQL and WordPress.

I think everything came over okay, but please let me know if anything doesn’t work right.

Adendum: Later that same day:

I think my two or three regular readers will notice a significant performance improvement.

I’ll work on getting all the newsfeeds and stuff working later. Right now, I’m in I-Hate-Computers mode. I even called Opie for tech support and, between us, we managed to get everything working. (Thanks, Opie.) But, like in real life, neither one of us could figure out exactly what was broke or exactly what fixed it. We were yakking on the phone and hitting keys and it started to work.

In the meantime, here is some information about the new box: It runs

XAMPP for Linux 1.6.2, which includes

MySQL 5.0.41, PHP 5.2.2, Apache 2.2.4, and PERL 5.8.7 .

The operating system is Slackware Linux 10.1

The computer is a Pentium III 1000 gHz computer with 528 MB RAM, two IDE harddrives and one SCSI harddrive, a SCSI tape drive, a CD-ROM drive, and an external USB DVD-RW drive.

(aside to Opie) It was a surplussed Checkpoint Win2000 server.

And now back to the regularly scheduled flame wars.


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