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An Alternative to Conservapedia (Amended) 0

Phillybits has been tracking Conservapedia since it first burst ignorantly on the scene to spread ignorance.

Now comes El Reg with the news that Conservapedia has competitionedia.

Those among you who feel that Conservapedia – the “conservative encyclopedia you can trust” dedicated to countering liberal bias – is not sufficiently tough on Marxist-Leninist dogma are directed forthwith to Metapedia, the “alternative encyclopedia dedicated to the pro-European cultural struggle”.

No, I’m not linking to it. If you want to see what it’s like, follow the link to El Reg.

It’s interesting.

The goal of Wikipedica is to provide a compendium of knowledge, how imperfectly the execution.

The goal of Conservapedia is to slant knowledge. They proceed virtually unnoticed, except by their patrons, because, frankly, what’s another rightwing propaganda outfit when we have Fox News?

The goal of this Metapedia outfit is to push knowledge off a cliff.


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