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Working at home today, I had a chance to hear the developing wingnut story of the Gonzo resignation.

“Gonzo,” it goes, “did nothing wrong. He was hounded out of office by the Democratic witchhunts.” I heard it over and over again from those who make a career of apologizing for those who violate the Constitution.

Such as here. And here. And here.

Give me a bleedin’ break.

The Democratics didn’t fire any U. S. Attorneys and then lie stumble around about it.

The Democrats didn’t suffer amnesia on a massive scale when asked where they were and what they were doing.

Gonzo Bozo

Heck, not even the Republican congresspersons did anything of the sort.

Oh, poor Gonzo. Did ‘ose nasty ole Democwats expect Ooo to tell the twuth. Ahhhhhhh!

Gonzo was the author of his own disgrace. It started years ago when he hitched his wagon to a star(ling).

And now we say good bye, but only as we look back and see a prediction of the future from two weeks ago:


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