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I Get Mail 0

The other day, I got another one of those ridiculous “surveys” from the RNC (funny, with all the political junk mail I get, they are the only outfit that indulges in such transparent fact-bending.

Here is a typical question (I’m doing this from memory, so it’s not an exact quote, but it will give you a flavor for their questions and, through them, the twisted view of the world they represent:

Do you favor the Republican Party’s efforts to keep the Democrat (sic) Party from selling the United States to brown Islamic terrorist Mexican illegal immigrants in return for a rusted out 1994 Isuza pickup and three half-eaten tacos?



No Opinion


I checked all the right answers, as opposed to the “Right” answers, and mailed it back.

It was a business reply envelope.

At least that’s a few pennies they won’t be able to devote to undermining the Constituion, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, and betraying the ideals of the Founders.


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