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Mass Air Flow 0

No, not Congress.

The sensor.

Second Son had problems with the engine in his truck surging.

With a little bit of googling, I narrowed it down to the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and a dirty air filter as the probable suspects, so I cleaned them, then I drove to the truck for two hours today with no problems.

With my luck, I’ll get a phone call from him later tonight when he’s broken down on the side of the road . . . (fortunately, I got him his own AAA card).

Then, again, even a blind pig finds an acorn sometimes.

(Actually, I consider this a minor triumph. I understand carburetors, but, when I look at a fuel injector, I’m like the lady in the old AAMCO commercial who, when she looked under the hood, saw a only a bunch of “dark greasy shapes.”


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