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New Heights of Bushie Incompetence (Updated) 0

What a chicken shit outfit is the Current Federal Adminstration. Every time you think they can’t do something dumber, they prove you wrong:

Chicken houses across the country are one step away from being named the newest terrorist targets demanding stricter access and regulation, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

As part of the DHS Chemical Security Anti-Terrorism Standards, facilities with more than 7,500 pounds of propane gas – 1,785 gallons – could be considered high-risk. To determine if a facility is a security risk, operators must process complete “Top Screen” safety measures, including vulnerability assessments, develop site security plans and implement protective measures approved by DHS.


“We appreciate the fact that Homeland Security does have a responsibility to the security of this nation, but in terms of what is considered a threat, I would think chicken houses would be so far down on the list that nobody would ever find it,” said Worcester County farmer Virgil Shockley, who has 9,000 gallons heating six chicken houses.

At the same time they pull this sort of stunt, they ask you to trust them in their spying programs.


Addendum, Minutes Later:

Richard Blair over as ASZ has another example of Bushie absurdity.

Atrios sums it up.


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